I Know Why The Aliens Stay Away…

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They think we’re at war…

Hi There

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Your True Colors Will Make It Get Better (via Queer Visalia)

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If I could sing, I’d sing it out, too.

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via Queer Visalia

The Future Depends On Me. (and you)

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They managed to find me in the time stream.  Apparently they’ve been looking for me for quite some time…  I didn’t think I was that difficult to locate!

Car Geek – Tail Fins and Chrome

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Oh wow…

Testing… testing… is this thing on?

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Twittering With The Movers And Shakers

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It’s pretty cool to interact with people who make a difference on a national stage.  Lt. Dan Choi Tweeted that he was making an appearance on CNN, so I caught that short broadcast this morning as I was winding down my day.  A good but short segment, he spoke briefly about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the recent court actions.  After the CNN appearance, he Tweeted that he would be on CSpan, so I decided to stay up later than usual and catch that as well.  CSpan allows for a more thorough examination of subjects, and callers can ask their own questions or make comments.  I thought Lt. Choi did an excellent job, and fired off a Tweet to him after the CSpan segment.  I was surprised to see a response 10 minutes later.  With over 9,000 followers, I suspect it’s a challenge for Lt. Choi to keep up with comments, let alone answer them.

I briefly met Lt. Choi last summer when he gave a speech at UCMerced.  An interesting appearance that I enjoyed.  If you have the chance to see him somewhere, don’t miss it.

Who knows, you might even Tweet with him!

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