I Know Why The Aliens Stay Away…

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They think we’re at war…

Hi There

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Your True Colors Will Make It Get Better (via Queer Visalia)

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If I could sing, I’d sing it out, too.

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via Queer Visalia

The Future Depends On Me. (and you)

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They managed to find me in the time stream.  Apparently they’ve been looking for me for quite some time…  I didn’t think I was that difficult to locate!

Car Geek – Tail Fins and Chrome

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Oh wow…

Testing… testing… is this thing on?

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Twittering With The Movers And Shakers

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It’s pretty cool to interact with people who make a difference on a national stage.  Lt. Dan Choi Tweeted that he was making an appearance on CNN, so I caught that short broadcast this morning as I was winding down my day.  A good but short segment, he spoke briefly about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the recent court actions.  After the CNN appearance, he Tweeted that he would be on CSpan, so I decided to stay up later than usual and catch that as well.  CSpan allows for a more thorough examination of subjects, and callers can ask their own questions or make comments.  I thought Lt. Choi did an excellent job, and fired off a Tweet to him after the CSpan segment.  I was surprised to see a response 10 minutes later.  With over 9,000 followers, I suspect it’s a challenge for Lt. Choi to keep up with comments, let alone answer them.

I briefly met Lt. Choi last summer when he gave a speech at UCMerced.  An interesting appearance that I enjoyed.  If you have the chance to see him somewhere, don’t miss it.

Who knows, you might even Tweet with him!

Why Anti-Gay Bullying is a Theological Issue (via Queer Visalia)

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Why Anti-Gay Bullying is a Theological Issue I don't often post things from religious sites.  Most of the time what they say is 180 degrees from what I consider to be the truth, or at the very least the humane thing to say or do.  This opinion piece from Religion Dispatches is different.  This article speaks the truth, and is worth your time. Why Anti-Gay Bullying is a Theological Issue By Cody J. Sanders And the moral imperative of anti-bullying preaching, teaching, and activism [caption i … Read More

via Queer Visalia

Toys That Make You Go “HUH??”


These are real toys.  Either someone wasn’t thinking, or was and didn’t give a damn!

Holy Hard-on, Batman!

Check out where you refill him.

These things are so bad they’re hilarious!


They Say It’s Haunted

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They say it’s haunted. It’s been on television. It has it’s own Internet show!

As many of you know, I don’t believe in ghosts.  Even after this.


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