Summer is trying to sneak back

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It’s creeping back.  On the 26th, it was 108 F. Today it’s only 90 F (305.2 Kelvin)



We should deport them all! (via Can’t Win For Losing)

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An interesting take on the anti-immigrant movement in this country. So much rhetoric, so little factual basis. Studies like this will be ignored or discounted, but they are at least based on facts.

As per historical trends, the recent economic stupor has led to an increase in anti-immigrant sentiments and xenophobia generally. However via Kevin Drum comes a study from the San Francisco Fed about how immigration has next to no negative effects on employment and actually raises average incomes of native-born workers: The analysis begins with the well-documented phenomenon that U.S.-born workers and immigrants tend to take different occupation … Read More

via Can't Win For Losing

Marines Beat Gay Man, But It’s Not A Hate Crime (via Queer Visalia)

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Marines Beat Gay Man, But It's Not A Hate Crime On June 13 we reported on two Marines arrested in Savannah, Georgia, for beating a gay man who reportedly "winked" at them. "The Marine Corps Doesn't Build Character, It Reveals It" The GAVoice reported on Friday that the two men will not face hate crime charges, but only misdemeanor battery charges. Alicia Johnson, spokesperson for the Chatham County District Attorney said the crime did not rise to the level of a felony due to the nature of the … Read More

via Queer Visalia

Robot Geek – NASA’s R2 is prepped for launch (video)

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The Bois Sing It: Show Me Your Peacock

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Unless you work for a really cool boss, NSFW.  But you’re not surfing the net on company time, anyway, so go for it!

I Really Do… No, Really, I Do. Honest.

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I really do, every once in a while, some yard work.  At least in the front yard, where I see it all the time.  Not to mention the traffic on Tulare Avenue.  And of course it doesn’t help that, right across the street, “Jesus” is staring right at my yard!

I was going to do a “before and after” thing, but I forgot the “before”!  Trust me, it wasn’t this pretty.

Ok, “pretty” is a bit of a stretch… ” neat”.  “Neat” is a better term.  It wasn’t this neat.  I was going to mow and trim the front, then work on the back yard a bit too.  “Unfortunately” (snicker, yeah, unfortunately) I filled up the yard waste can with the front yard stuff.  The back yard will have to wait.  Say it with me…  aaawwwwww.   A couple of more pictures of the front yard after the jump.  No pictures of the back yard.  They’re much to embarrassing.


Oak Tree Fail

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Saturday morning, 3am.  We’re walking out of the dispatch center, heading to our cars, when we hear a loud cracking noise, splintering, and a huge crash.  The oak tree in the middle of Woodland Drive lost a section of branches to gravity.  Fortunately, no one was near the tree when the limbs dropped.  I suspect we’ll soon see the removal of this tree, as the City of Visalia moves to “protect public safety” (read: limit city liability).  A tree in the middle of Demaree Road was removed a couple of years ago, and I’m certain this one will be also, now.  It’s a shame, they’re majestic trees, but paving over their root system is a death sentence, even if it takes decades to kill them.

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