Saturday Night in Fresno

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A busy night in Fresno last Saturday.  I started my evening off at Sequoia Brewery, in the Tower, listening to the folk music of Rob Cox.  Some good stuff, you should listen if you get the chance.  His stuff is available at his web site,  I only got to listen to 30 minutes worth, as the


Call 9-1-1, FIRST!

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It happened again last night.  Someone called for help.  The only problem was, they didn’t call 9-1-1!  They called family.  In another state.  Halfway across the country!  THAT person called 9-1-1.  The trouble with that?  9-1-1 here isn’t the same 9-1-1 there.  (It’s not one big room of dispatchers.  I can’t stand up and yell “Yo! Boston! Line 3!”) Precious time is ticking away, and the person who needs help is endangering themselves by calling the wrong place.  The first person you think of when you need help can’t do much from 2,000 miles away!


How the mighty do fall…

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After Arthur left on his quest for the Holy Grail, Merlin fell onto hard times…

An alternate reality Fox?

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Don Imus has surprised me!  Someone on Fox that DOESN’T parrot the right wing line!  There may be hope for them yet!

New Chairs!


After much too long, we now have some new chairs in dispatch!  Designed for a dispatch center, where furniture must be able to stand up to heavy use 24/7/365, these new chairs are a welcome addition.  Our old chairs, although promoted as heavy duty, just were not up to the task.  We had bought them locally, from a business supply company, but only companies that understand dispatch centers are really able to design equipment that can handle the demands we place on things.  These chairs look like they’ll stand up well, and are very comfortable.  The old chairs were literally a pain in my…  hips.   Thank you Tulare County!

Always listen to the expert…

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I TOLD Tarzan that WASN'T a vine...

It’s the simple things in life…

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An excellent vintage, robust, with just a touch of earthiness.

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