Can a commercial cause JimmieJoe to tear up?

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Possibly The Best “It Gets Better” Video Yet

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The audio is not safe for work, but otherwise you should crank it up.  This is some good stuff!

PIXAR: It Gets Better

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Some of the folks who brought us Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles,  WALL-E, Cars, Monsters, Inc., and so much more have made a “It Gets Better” video.  It’s well worth 8 minutes of your time, and I recommend watching it.


Your True Colors Will Make It Get Better (via Queer Visalia)

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If I could sing, I’d sing it out, too.

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via Queer Visalia

Chris Salvatore – It Gets Better

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Possibly the best “It Gets Better” video of them all.

Nine. That we know of.

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Billy Lucas (15) September 9, 2010. Indiana

Cody J. Barker (17) September 13, 2010. Wisconsin

Seth Walsh (13) September 19, 2010. California

Tyler Clementi (18) September 22, 2010. New Jersey

Asher Brown (13) September 23, 2010. Texas

Harrison Chase Brown (15) September, 25 2010. Colorado

Raymond Chase (19) September 29, 2010. Rhode Island

Felix Sacco (17) September 29, 2010. Massachusetts

Caleb Nolt (14) September 30, 2010. Indiana

List from, and more info at: New Civil Rights Movement.

It Gets Better.

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