They say it’s haunted. It’s been on television. It has it’s own Internet show!

As many of you know, I don’t believe in ghosts.  Even after this.

Recently, I was able to pay a short visit to the Manor, hoping to see what all the interest is about.   A warm night, no moon, and an interesting mix of other visitors made for a memorable visit to the Manor.  Creaking stairs, the remnants of the Halloween Haunted House decorations from years past, dark rooms lit only by our cell phone screens and a small flashlight, and the history of “contacts” made for an intriguing traipse through the old home-turned-sanitarium.   Evidence of break-ins that occur frequently was clearly evident.  The lure of the haunted manor is just too much for some to resist.  Unfortunately, no ghosts joined us.   I was disappointed in that… I was hoping for something to sink my skeptic’s teeth into.  To me, it was just an empty old house with an unfortunate history.  To others in this little band of intrepid explorers, it was a spooky visit to the gates of the nether-world, and some in the group were quite happy to get outside.  I’m not sure if they felt all that much safer, especially when that motion-sensor light kept coming on and going off, when nothing was in it’s range!  Bwwwahahahahaha!