9-1-1 Dispatchers hanging up on new A&E show, “Panic 9-1-1”


panic-911From A&E’s community message board for their new “reality” show “Panic 911“:

A&E’s new thriller series “Panic 9-1-1” takes 911 calls to a whole new level never seen or heard before on television. Unlike emergency shows of the past, viewers will live inside the calls and experience every harrowing and terrifying moment along with the caller. Every second is real.
One part thriller and one part true-crime show, “Panic 9-1-1” features the real, urgent, unrehearsed, 911 call audio in real-time between emergency dispatchers and frantic callers as life and death situations unfold around them. Each call is a race against time where the dispatcher is the caller’s only lifeline, gathering critical information from the caller to give to first responders. When literally every second counts, getting the right details is crucial. Who lives and who dies remains a mystery until the very end.

In the real world of 9-1-1 dispatching, the verdict is in: this show sucks.


“My Tweets are uploading very slowly…”

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“The number of users in your area can affect download speeds.  Too many users online can result in sluggish performance.”

Solar System Geek – Saturn’s north pole has a hexagon!

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Saturn’s north pole. Today. Taken by the Cassini spacecraft.

I have no idea why Saturn’s north pole has a hexagon.  It’s huge!

A close up.


Images from the Planetary Society’s web page.

Eviction process in final stages


It’s down to the wire on the eviction of the relative who just won’t leave.  I have two more documents to file with the court, the proof of service and a request for a Clerk’s judgement.  I’m not sure what happens on the Court side of things once I file those forms, either I have to wait for them to process a judgement, or the clerk I file them with may be able to approve them on the spot (that’s what I’m hoping).  If that’s the case, then I’ll take the paperwork over to the Sheriff’s Civil Division to be served.  At that point, it’s less than 2 weeks before I have my house back.

He’s been here ten years, put four holes in various walls, broke the lid to the toilet tank (how the hell do you break a toilet tank lid??), probably ruined the carpet in his bedroom, knocked the closet doors off their runners (I’ll probably have to replace the whole closet door assembly), More

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My dear friend Ted is bringing this documentary film to Fresno. Come watch it with us!

Sheer unadulterated bragging

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How’s this for self-importance??  I’m being followed on Twitter by a United States Senator!  I wonder if he can get Boxer and Feinstein to follow me, too??

Someone looking for us?

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Yesterday’s search engine terms that directed someone to my page:

“sherry gomez” visalia  (my sister)

“wanda reeves” visalia (my mother)

who is jim reeves visalia (me)

Can I help you with something?  Send me an email.  The address is right there in the right hand column, in the “about” section.


Hobnobbing with the stars

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This afternoon I attended a gathering at the Tulare County Democratic Party’s office in Visalia.  The event was hosted by Otto Lee, who ran against Devin Nunes for the office of Congressional Representative for the 22nd District of California.  Nunes won, but Otto made a respectable showing, even with Nunes refusing all offers to debate or appear together to discuss issues.

I spent two hours at the event, meeting a few people, talking with Otto and others, and came away hopeful for the future.  In a very red area, there’s real potential for putting a bluer hue on the picture.  The future may surprise Nunes, especially if he continues to discount competition for his seat.  Nothing in politics is guaranteed, and taking your constituents for granted is never wise.  Next election, Nunes will have been in office for 12 years, and his district has next to nothing to show for it.  It’s still one of the poorest in California, with some of the highest unemployment, and that has not changed during his tenure.

I don’t know if Otto Lee will run again in two years, but I hope he does.  This district could use new ideas, and a fresh perspective.  Sometimes, it’s possible to be to close to a problem to see a solution, and having the viewpoint of someone new to the area might just be the fresh air we need.  Regardless of whether the next election sees Otto run again, or some other Democrat steps up, the demographics of the region are rapidly changing, and the GOP has been doing everything in it’s power to run from the very groups that will dominate the future.  If they don’t change, their party faces a future of marginalization and irrelevance.

Otto Lee 2014!  😉

Which way did he go, George? Which way did he go?

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Sometimes you just can’t tell who will be able to convey information to you and who will not.  Disregarding folks who are new to an area, or just visiting, there’s still a huge number of people, or so it seems sometimes, who simply don’t know the basics about where they are, and which way is up.

Well, I suppose they can figure out which way is up, but trying to get north, east, south, or west out of them is like pulling those proverbial teeth out of those proverbial hens.  Some folks just have no clue.

Now, they’ll tell us it’s “to the left”, but, really….  that doesn’t help.  Turn around and your “left” is now the opposite direction!  And telling me that it’s now to your right won’t improve the situation!

You guessed it…  another 9-1-1 caller without a clue, calling in on a cell phone.  No idea of the address of the house they live in, no idea which way east is, and unclear on what “get a piece of mail and read me the address” means.

It’s most annoying when they get mad at US for not knowing where THEY are!  I want to reach through that phone and slap them silly.  That’s probably why that particular feature is not activated on our systems.  Part of our job is protecting the public.  Even from us!  😉  Kidding!  (sort of)


Now I can breathe!

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How do I spell relief? O-B-A-M-A!

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