Navy Boys Go Numa Numa!

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You’re Kidding, Right? No? Really?


Friday night.  Fresno.  Comedy Club night at a club in the Tower District.  Security checking IDs at the entrance.  Even mine.

The security kid guy asked for my ID?  Is he kidding me?  Nobody, and I mean nobody, has thought I was underage for a long time.  Hell, someone could have been born and become legal themselves since the last time I was carded!  The last time I was even almost carded was in Las Vegas for New Years 2009.  The doorman was carding almost everyone, but waved me through when I got up to him.   The rest of that story falls under the “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” regulation, so I can’t really discuss it any more than that.  Sorry.

So I pulled out my wallet, flipped it open to pull my driver license out, but he said that was good enough, he didn’t actually have to look at it.  He just needed to confirm that I had it.  That is the strangest carding I’ve ever experienced.  I’m failing at coming up with a rational reason to require ID from people, if it’s not for verification of age.


The Truth About Motivation

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We’ve Got Things Under Control!


In Honor of Geek Week

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This is Geek Week on the Rachel Maddow show, so in honor of that, and of the recent STS-132 mission, here’s a picture of Atlantis docked at the International Space Station as it transits across the Sun!

Picture from “Bad Astronomy”.

Who Knew NASA Had A Sense of Humor??

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To Boldly Go… To Camelot.

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Amazing, Simply Amazing!

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Ted Freitas,  a VIP around here, owns Central Point Networks.  They’ve recently created a service for home computer users that protects computers and networks from just about anything on the internet!  It just amazes me what they can do with computers.  For instance….

I’ve been having some problems with my main computer.  Part of a home network, it’s recently been sluggish, refusing to find websites, loading only parts of pages, and taking forever to boot up.  I complained to Ted about it recently, just in passing, and he had me install his new service so he could take a look at my system.  Well, I don’t know what he and his techs over at CPN did today while I was asleep, but the difference is night and day!  Pages load in a snap, like they used to, and the computer alternates between programs without pouting about being made to work!

{Shameless plug} Surf on over to CPN (Central Point Networks, LLC) and check out the new Computer Club service.  Well worth the price, it will insure your computers run like the screaming eagles you remember when you first started using them.  Don’t let the malware, viruses,  and other computer ills drag your computer down.  Have Ted and CPN on guard 24/7!

QueerVisalia’s Pride In The Park hits the newspaper

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Monday’s Visalia Times Delta contains a short article about Saturday’s Pride in the Park celebration put on by QueerVisalia.  Although I thought the usage of  “alternate lifestyle” was a bit odd, overall I’m happy with the article.  I was mentioned by name in the article, so there’s that.  😉

Attendance was less than the previous two years, and we’re still trying to decide just why that might have been.  We’ll be kicking around ideas for next year’s event during the next weeks and months.  If you have any suggestions, be sure to send them along.

In the meantime, keep checking back at the online article, the comments are sure to get interesting, and probably maddening!

Busy Saturday! PITP, SFGMC, more!


Katie, Kristeen, Amanda help kick off Pride in the Park 3

One of the big problems with working swing shifts forever, is that your body is trained, and firm in it’s patterns, about going to bed late, and rising late.  When something requires an early start, the body (mine anyway) doesn’t really see the need to cooperate.  I’m not one who can change my pattern on short notice, so I didn’t get much sleep the day before the festivities.   We had a fun 5 hours in Plaza Park, at Queer Visalia’s third annual Pride in the Park picnic and BBQ.  The weather was wonderful (a tad chilly for skinny guys like me whenever the sun went behind one of the cottonball looking clouds blowing overhead) but sunshiny and warm.  We avoided the 95+ degree temperatures of PitP’s of the past, and enjoyed a great afternoon of burgers, hotdogs, volleyball, and socializing.  Jesse brought his new puppy, and of course was the center of attention showing him off!  I neglected to get a picture, sorry!

After Pride in the Park, I went to Fresno to see the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus at the Tower Theater.

San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus

They came, they sang, they wore pink cowboy hats!  (in one song)  Such a powerful and moving performance, having the audience in tears one moment, and roaring in laughter the next.  The Fresno Gay Men’s Chorus also performed, doing several songs, my favorite which was “Color in Colorado”… very good!

Dinner afterwards at Livingstone’s, then home.  A busy day celebrating Visalia Pride and Harvey Milk Day!  This is the first annual Harvey Milk Day in California, as passed by the state legislature and signed by Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Harvy would have turned 80 yesterday.

More pics of the day after the jump.


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