Letters to the Editor – Does SB 1172 protect children, or usurp parental rights?

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The fingers have been flying recently, writing letters to the editor.  Our local paper, The Visalia Times Delta, published on October 24 a letter bemoaning the recently passed SB 1172.  The California legislature passed, and Governor Brown signed, legislation that outlaws “reparative” therapy for anyone under the age of 18.  Predictably, the right wing is furious with this blatant usurpation of parental rights.  The writer of Wednesday’s letter seems to feel that parental rights trump any other concerns, and that disproven and harmful therapies are justifiable if parents think they are acceptable.  I wrote a response.  You can read both after the jump.


Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

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It’s Monday.  It’s been raining.  My work week begins anew.  I really don’t want to get up and out of this nice warm waterbed, but the clock on the computer is warning me I’m already running late.

A positive thing for this week, however, is that the ‘idiot cousin’ will be served with a summons telling him I’ve filed court action to evict him.  Then things start moving faster.  He’s been here ten years.  That’s long enough.

Wednesday I’ll be part of a PFLAG panel speaking at the Visalia Unified School District meeting, on issues facing the LGBTQ community.  I’ve never done anything like that before, so it will be interesting, to say the least.  6:30 pm, at their facility on Atwood, just north of Cypress, behind the VUSD office.

Double Whammy

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11:55 pm, sitting on the couch, getting ready to find something else of interest on Netflix when it happened:  the couch tried to toss me onto the floor.  Like a cat, though, I was too agile and too quick, successfully grabbing onto the cushions, to be tossed more than an inch or two.  I saw the shock wave pass through my house while I was keeping myself firmly reclined, and wondered “Is that a big one in LA, or a little one in Mammoth?”  Turns out it was a moderate one, 5.3, squarely on the San Andreas fault, east-north-east of King City.

I immediately did what any sef-respecting computer nerd would do, and made a Facebook and Twitter post.  I then started checking the United States Geological Survey‘s website for information.  The ground in the area has been twitching for some time, and there have been a few aftershocks at more than 3.0 since the 5.3 hit.  Hopefully these are not ‘foreshocks’ to something more dangerous.

After conversing with the other computer nerds online at midnight, or woken up by their beds attempting to toss them onto the floor, I decided it would be a good idea to go find some dark sky, and watch for meteors.  My second whammy would come at 3am, but it had nothing to do with the ground moving.


LOL… just LOL

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I don’t dispatch medical, so I had to look up the acronym ETOH.  It refers to ethyl alcohol…  booze.

Well, I thought it was funny…

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I was in my handy-dandy nearby Walgreen’s today, to pick up a couple of prescriptions at the pharmacy.  This was the first time I had used a new app on my iPhone, that lets me simply scan my bottle or package and order refills.  How cool is that?  It’s not as fast as simply going in and doing it in person, the app sends you a note back letting you know when you can pick it up, and for my order it was more than 24 hours later, but it does allow you to order things in advance of your actual drive, if you want.  All in all, a neat feature, and a real convenience.

I got to the counter, and was told they only had part of the prescription ready.  The clerk seemed a bit uneasy as he explained why.


Something I heard on the radio today

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Shaaron Claridge

I was listening to Visalia PD on the radio earlier today, when one of the dispatchers gave a return to an officer in the field, and it struck me as almost eerie.  She sounded very much like the dispatcher heard on the Adam-12 television series!

The interesting thing about the “voice actress” who voiced “Adam-12, Adam-12, see the woman…” and my favorite, “Adam-12, a 211 just occurred, Adam-12, handle code 3!” is she was a REAL police dispatcher, with the Van Nuys division of the Los Angeles Police Department!  She worked part time as a voice actor, and did the dispatch for several police shows through the years.  Can you imagine the double takes people would do, if they listened to early police scanners, or happened to be standing next to a LAPD police car, and heard that voice come across the speakers?  “Hey!  That’s the lady from Adam-12!”  Her husband was a motorcycle officer with LAPD, too.

I look at her dispatch console, a desk, really, and think…  wow!  How things have changed!

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