I can hear you now!

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I’m back at work after an almost European vacation of 5 weeks. It’s all coming back to me.


“Obvious signs of death”

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From a recent press release, posted on a publicly viewable website of a local law enforcement agency:

Units were dispatched “for a body found in an abandoned vehicle…  Upon the deputies arrival the body had obvious signs of death.”

Obvious signs of death.

Maybe they let McGruff write this one.  Or maybe that’s being unfair to McGruff.

I really wish they’d run these things past someone who had at least a minor in English in college.  A criminology degree apparently isn’t enough.


Aww… Dammit!


It’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when”.  If you wear one of these devices, you WILL ,at some point, say something you wished you hadn’t.  And it will be heard by folks you’ll wish hadn’t.  A Southwest pilot had that experience earlier this year. His unhappiness with the dating pool was broadcast across air traffic control frequencies when either his push to talk button got stuck, or he forgot to reconfigure his headset for intercom rather than radio.  Whatever caused the mishap, he let loose to his co-pilot, expressing his frustration with the number of gay and older flight attendants.  Apparently he can’t get laid unless the object of his affections is a young lady also wearing the Southwest blazer.  Perhaps he needs to expand his horizons!

I’ve been caught a time or two by open microphones.  Luckily, I don’t talk about my “dating” life at work!


Vehicle Geek: Tonight’s lesson in inertia

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A body in motion tends to remain in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force.


Father’s Day 2011

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Jim Sr., 45, & Jim Jr., 26, November 1983

I’m a bit sad at the moment, as this night rolls into Father’s Day 2011.  He died when I was 49, and sometimes I find myself missing something that never was, and wondering about what might have been.  He was who he was, and it’s surely a waste of time to pine over something that never happened.  I wonder how he felt when he lost his dad, at 28.  He never said, and I never asked.  It’s odd how the person that is the closest to you can be the most distant.

I’m reminded of one particular moment with my Dad,  and I’ve thought of it often over the years.  Father’s Day stories are often heartwarming tales of the past,  a wonderful moment shared between father and son.  This isn’t one of those stories.

He was trying to teach me to swim, and only managed to scare me into a crying heap of shamed little boy.


Fun with words

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This is getting a bit addicting. Good thing I’m on vacation!


Ted’s Victory Wave

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Ted gives a victory wave at the end of the Aids/Life Cycle 10 in Los Angeles last Saturday.

I’m not the black sheep of the family….

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Some of my other relatives get to claim black sheep status.

You can figure out which ones after you meet them.

I’m not crazy enough to identify them on the Interwebs machine.

Lucy reassures me about the future

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I Live In The Future

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I’m laying in a luxury bed in a beautiful large room, in a fancy hotel, near the ocean and an international travel center.  I have a computer on my lap, a device that’s almost a Tricorder (my iPhone) on the table next to me, and a flat screen TV across the room.  I traveled here in a machine that is simple to control at high speeds, moderately inexpensive to operate, and has room for five people.   I had fresh salmon for dinner last night, prepared at my order.

I live in the future.  And it’s cool.  Still a bit disappointed, though.  I really thought I’d have that flying car by now.  George Jetson, you led me on, you bumbling bastard.


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