Happy Pride 2022!

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Happy Pride! Make it a good month. Here in California, it’s going to be a hot one… and the weather will be on the warm side, too.

God’s minions spread The Word: I can give up lesbianism!

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So these packages arrived in today’s mail. One is addressed to me, by name, and the other to “the guy with the truck”, referring, I assume, to my cousin who lives with me and drives a truck.

The return address is a mailbox/shipping/copy store, so I have no clue who sent me these missives. I also don’t know why they know my name, but not my cousin’s. Mysteries I’ll probably never solve.

Someone spent some money to spread “God’s word”, and took some effort to get them mailed. But they’re not brave enough to step up and be known. I wonder if they get full heaven points for that, or if they only get half-points?

I haven’t read the book yet, but here’s what the Internet has to say about it:

I used to be a lesbian.”
In Gay Girl, Good God, author Jackie Hill Perry shares her own story, offering practical tools that helped her in the process of finding wholeness. Jackie grew up fatherless and experienced gender confusion. She embraced masculinity and homosexuality with every fiber of her being. She knew that Christians had a lot to say about all of the above. But was she supposed to change herself? How was she supposed to stop loving women, when homosexuality felt more natural to her than heterosexuality ever could?

So I guess I should read the book, and work on giving up my lesbian ways.

I wonder if it has dawned on whoever sent me this that if I give up women, I’ll be…

a homosexual man.

Maybe I better get to reading this book, quick!

Senate Passes DADT Repeal, President to Sign Bill Next Week (via Queer Visalia)

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Senate Passes DADT Repeal, President to Sign Bill Next Week The United States Senate today passed a stand alone bill to repeal the mis-named “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Pursue” law enacted in 1994.  In a 65-31 vote, eight Republicans and one Independent voted with the Democratic majority to finally pass the legislation.  It now goes to President Obama to sign into law, which the White House says will happen next week. While the President’s signature will, finally, kill this discriminatory policy as law, … Read More

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The Ten Lies about the GLBT Community Told by Conservative Hate Groups: a Straight Christian Perspective (via Queer Visalia)

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The Ten Lies about the GLBT Community Told by Conservative Hate Groups: a Straight Christian Perspective Kathy at Canyonwalker Connections has written an insightful commentary on the top ten lies told about gays and lesbians by conservative hate groups.  Spurred by the recent addition of several right wing “values” groups to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate group list, and their resultant indignation about being labeled hate groups, Kathy posted her thoughts on the entire sad drama.  Here, in her opinion, are the top ten lies told by these gro … Read More

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Today is World Aids Day (via Mike’s Daily Blog)

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Today is World Aids Day Although this day of observance and education was originally started in the UK, it has spread to be a global phenomenon.  You can click on the image below to check out their website.  You can also click here for a great overview of some of the major AIDS and HIV related news and highlights in 2010. … Read More

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Why Anti-Gay Bullying is a Theological Issue (via Queer Visalia)

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Why Anti-Gay Bullying is a Theological Issue I don't often post things from religious sites.  Most of the time what they say is 180 degrees from what I consider to be the truth, or at the very least the humane thing to say or do.  This opinion piece from Religion Dispatches is different.  This article speaks the truth, and is worth your time. Why Anti-Gay Bullying is a Theological Issue By Cody J. Sanders And the moral imperative of anti-bullying preaching, teaching, and activism [caption i … Read More

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QN supports GLBT History Month (via Queer Networks)

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QN supports GLBT History Month In honor of GLBT History Month, sponsored in part by Equality Forum, we have placed a link to glbthistorymonth.com on each of our metropolitan area blogs.  We currently host and manage 12 local blogs in 5 different states and we're excited to lend a hand to such a great project! We hope to continue and leverage even more of our resources for GLBT History Month … Read More

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Candlelight Vigil: Memorial for Lost Gay Youth (via Queer Visalia)

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Candlelight Vigil: Memorial for Lost Gay Youth Saturday, October 9 · 6:00pm – 8:00pm Corner of Mooney Blvd and Walnut, Visalia CA From Brock Neeley: We have all been rocked by the recent announcements of so many young gay people who have committed suicide as a result of anti-gay bullying. I am devastated and angry, and I believe many of you are, too. National Organizations including Marriage Equality USA, the Gay Student Network, "It Gets Better," and others have joined together to call for a … Read More

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Savage Response (via Queer Visalia)

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Dan Savage responds to a Christian woman taking him to task about comments regarding gay children committing suicide:

I’m sorry your feelings were hurt by my comments.

No, wait. I’m not. Gay kids are dying. So let’s try to keep things in perspective: fuck your feelings.

Savage Response From Slog: A Christian woman takes Dan Savage to task for his recent comments about Christians bullying gay teens, some who commit suicide. I was listening to the radio yesterday morning and I heard your interview with Beth McDonald. I have been thinking about it a lot since then and I feel compelled to share my thoughts with you. I was saddened and frustrated with your comments regarding people of faith and their perpetuation of bulling. As some … Read More

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“Fierce Advocate”? No, not really. (via Queer Visalia)

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I’m a bit disappointed in him right now. The alternative isn’t acceptable, so I’m sure I’ll vote for him again, but he’s not living up to his promises.

"Fierce Advocate"? No, not really. He promised to be a “fierce advocate”.  He’s claimed he’s a “fierce advocate”.   If he doesn’t step up and start actually delivering on his “fierce advocacy”,  he may be a one-term “advocate”. The Obama Administration’s Justice Department filing regarding the recent court ruling that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Pursue” is unconstitutional, here. In short, they’re saying the ruling can only apply to the people involved in the suit, and not to th … Read More

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