Speaking of dreams…

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OK, no more full meals just before bed.

I just woke up from one of the strangest dreams I’ve had (or remembered I’ve had) in a very long time.
This one involves a road trip, a parade, a “stolen” car, and a screaming angry woman.

It also manages to include HAM radio, a CB shop, two gay men winking at me, and my walking down a street in a bath robe.


What Dreams May Come…

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Meet Ted.

I’ve known him for about 16 years now, and a better friend nobody could want or have.

A hottie, yes?

Well, the other day I had a dream about him.

Not so much about *him*, but he’s the reason for the subject matter of this particular dream.

Before I met him, I had a smidgen of computer smarts, hardly enough to even call them that, but a bit.  I’ve learned a lot since then, and 99.9% of it from Ted.  I’m sure he’s had to bite his tongue a time or two, and probably wonders why it takes so much repetition for me to finally learn something so simple!  But after 16 years of his expert tutoring, I’m actually seen by others (folks at work, family, a few other friends) as being a computer geek who they can turn to if they need computer help.  Generally, I can help them, and not blow up their machines in the process.  If I don’t know the answer to what are usually fairly simple issues, I can refer them to someone who can.

The dream?  I only remember a bit of it.  (I’m not one who wakes up with a clear memory of my dreams) It did have to do with sliding something in and out.


Say Huh?

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Today’s experience with my iPhone demonstrates that I am losing the ability to hear certain tones/pitches. I was shaving, with an electric razor (buzzing noise inches from my ears) when my phone rang. I was in the bathroom, and the phone on a table next to my bed in the next room. The ringer volume was set to maximum, but I did not hear the ring. I did, however, hear the phone vibrating as it lay on the table.
I thought it was a bit odd, that I completely missed the ring-tone, but could hear the vibrating noise well enough to turn off the shaver to see where that odd buzzing was coming from.
The moral of the story? If you call me, and I don’t answer, be sure and leave a voicemail! I might simply have not heard the phone!


LGBT Life Online Panel a great experience


Sunday was the LGBT Life Online panel held at the PFLAG (Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbians and Gays) meeting here in Visalia.  The Tulare-Kings PFLAG invited this group to speak on blogging and online activities of the LGBT community in the central valley.  From left to right, Andrew, web manager for Tulare-Kings PFLAG‘s website and Facebook pages, Melissa of GayPorterville.com, Brooke of GayVisalia.com and GayCentralValley.com, Justin of My LGBT Plus, myself representing QueerLandia.com and the soon to be discontinued QueerVisalia.com, and Ted of My LGBT Plus sat on the panel.  Each gave an overview of the history and objectives of their respective organizations.  A question and answer period allowed the audience a chance to ask about the various groups and how they operate.

This is the first time I’ve been on such a panel, and it was not too long ago that you’d never have gotten me up in front of a crowd like this.  I was amazed that I was completely calm, and was looking forward to the event before hand, and enjoyed being before the group.  The past few years have seen quite the change in my personal growth, even if I do say so myself, in that I’m much more relaxed and confident.  That’s a big change for me, and I think much of it has to do with deciding to be an out gay man.


“I don’t always watch television, but when I do…”

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At work 2/17/12


Working channel two tonight. You can listen on smart phone apps like 5-0 Radio, online at radioreference.com (California, Tulare County Sheriff, ch 2), or locally on your scanner at 453.650 MHz.


Time Marches On

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I dug out an old picture of my sister and I, and paired it up with one I took of us the other day.  I suppose you could say bookends for the past half-century.  I can remember the photo shoot on the left, and in years to come, I’ll probably remember it better than the latest one!

Meet me at the Temple

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… I’ll meet you at the rear entrance. Tell no one.


Public speaking? In front of a crowd?

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In the past, you’d never find me speaking in front of a group. It’s just something I’d never do. Now, for some reason, I’ve been asked to join a panel discussion. The good folks at Tulare-Kings PFLAG have asked Brooke Burke of GayVisalia.com, Justin Kamimoto and Ted Freitas of My LGBT Plus, Andrew Miller of Tulare-Kings PFLAG, and myself to talk about LGBTQ blogging in the central valley.
We’ll be speaking at the February meeting, Sunday the 19th. The meeting starts at 3pm, check out the link for PFLAG for the location and directions.
I’m actually looking forward to the panel, even though I’m not sure what I’m going to say!


Random meetings

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I seldom go to this particular store, so it was really random to see my sister, Sherry Gomez there.


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