Kris & John’s New Home

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My sister Kristeen and her husband John have bought a home and land in Woodlake.  Congratulations to them both!  It’s a really cool place they’re going to love it.  Pool parties!

Cracking Jokes At Work – The Value of being out and proud

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Thursday night a couple of the ladies at work are chatting, alternating between being silly and serious, when the conversation turned to the relative size of their tushes. One, a rather slim one, was joking that she was going to have implants done to her bottom side. The other, a bit on the heavy side, said she’d like to have some removed. Then she offered hers to the first, saying she could spare some, and that then they’d be “butt buddies”.

I spoke up and said “you know, in my world, ‘butt buddies’ has a whole different meaning!”

It’s a good thing the radio traffic was dead right then, because neither one would have been able to transmit anything but laughter.

That humorous interlude would have been impossible if I were still in the closet. Just another reason to be out and proud. You don’t have to pass on fun word play!

Terra, and Luna. From Orbit.

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Photo by Ron Garan, Space Shuttle astronaut.

Keith Tells It Like It Is

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One thing I have to give to Keith Olbermann, he sure enjoys his job.  He looks like someone who really has a blast working.  On top of that, he gets most of it right.

Keep on trucking, Keith!  We’ll be watching.

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Last few minutes at work, first day back after a short vacation.  Not a very busy night, thank goodness.  One crazy call late, guy calling a small Texas Police Department and making obscene comments to the dispatcher.  They called us after they tracked down the cell phone’s location and asked us to see if we could find him.  He’s apparently made dozens of calls to them tonight, saying he “wanted pussy”, in both english and spanish.  I left before he was located, so I don’t know if we solved that problem or not.  You just never know what will pop up.

Going Postal

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Kaweah Colony Post Office, Kaweah, California.  3 miles up North Fork Drive from Three Rivers.  Possibly the smallest U.S. Postal Service Office in the US. The heart of Kaweah, California.  I took a drive up there recently, just to see.


Math Geek – Was there pie for dessert?

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