Mars is a real place.

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Pictures like this just enthrall me.  This is a real place. On another planet.


Proving my point – Obama haters operate on racism, not facts

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Photo: The White House

Photo: The White House

You can always rely on the wingnuts.  In this case, rely on them to be all at once racist, hateful, and misinformed.

There’s been a long habit by some in the conservative fold for putting forth some really disgusting words and images about liberals, especially this President and his wife.  George Bush took a lot of flack during his time in office, some of it undoubtably undeserved and unkind.  Laura Bush, however, as best as I recall, never suffered from the abuse and slander at the hands of liberals as Michelle Obama has been forced to endure as First Lady.  Some of the comments and photoshops are clearly hateful and racist.  That’s bad enough, but when they start passing around lies in the wingnut echo-chamber, it really gets telling.  Not only do they hate her, they’ll not do the slightest bit of research to verify what they’re being told and passing along.

Yesterday I posted a blog on Alternating Currents, my community blog on the local newspaper’s (The Visalia Times Delta) site.  It concerned the calls for a boycott of Subway Sandwiches because they’ve joined the First Lady in a program to encourage children to eat healthy.  Boycott Subway, because FLOTUS promotes healthy eating!  Some folks really don’t like Michelle Obama!

I shared the link on my Twitter feed, and this is what I got in reply – More

Sometimes the universe just plays games with us

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Around 11pm on a Friday, just after a full Moon, on a winter day where the temperature hit 72 degrees that afternoon.  It’s almost scary.

Self Evident Truth Project Visalia Pictures posted


In October New York photographer iO Tillet Wright brought her photographic project to Visalia.  Simple black and white photographs illustrate the basic humanity in members of the LGBTQ community.  The Self Evident Project’s goal is 10,000 simple photos of people from all walks of life.  Here’s mine.

For the complete Visalia set of images, go to Self Evident Truth / Visalia

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