The Thursday From Hell

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A busy night in dispatch last Thursday.   Sometimes it’s slow, sometimes it’s busy, and some nights it’s just crazy batshit nuts.  Thursday was the lattermost.

A murder always sends us into a frenzy.  First, the 9-1-1 calls start flooding in, everybody within blocks grabs a cell phone and dials.  Most of them have no clue what happened, or where they are, they just scream at us to get the cops there, and why are we asking all these dumb questions??  And EVERY call has to be answered and checked, because we never know when the most important bit of information will come in, or from where.  And in the middle of the chaos, we still have to deal with the normal traffic load, because that doesn’t stop just because someone got shot!  There could be someone else needing an ambulance, or their house could be on fire, or their baby could be choking.  It all has to be handled, right now, and correctly.

Even when…


10-4 Good Buddy

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1973.  My first CB radio was a JC Penny Pinto 23. Dad picked it up somewhere and brought it home for me.  There was the radio, a bit of coax, and a 102″ whip and mount.  I rigged it up in the garage, and went into a panic the first time someone answered my “breaker breaker 17” call.  I shut it off, and ran into the house.  It would be a few days before I became brave enough to actually talk with someone on the air, but eventually I managed.  I’ve been talking into some kind of radio ever since!


One Afternoon in Jellystone Park

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Boo Boo waits patiently for Yogi to bring the pic-a-nic basket.

Meanwhile, Yogi takes care of some personal business…

Smarter than the average bear!  But don’t tell Mr. Ranger…  he gets upset about the whole bear pee-ing in the woods thing.

Boy, the emails I get…


From time to time, I get emails like this at MySpace.  It’s clear whoever is sending these kind of messages does not bother to read the profile of the recipients.

I’m rather certain I’m not interested, Catherine, sorry.

Hello My name is Catherine,
I am searching for my life long partner to share a Great Life of Love with; romance, long slow kisses, feeling very special, intimacy, spirituality,pleasurable communication,dancing, meeting of the minds,opening a door for him, flowers,traveling and other exciting interests and adventures, A GREAT LIFE of LOVE!I am one who strongly believes in respect and that without respect,you can experience true love and generate a healthy relationship.


In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream

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…unless your microphone is open.

So, you’re an astronaut on the International Space Station.  You’ve got important work to perform.  You’re floating in the most expensive, complex, and technologically advanced tin can ever created.  You have the best hardware that your fellow rocket scientists can provide.  There’s just one problem…

You’re running Windows!

I was just tuning past NASA TV, and stopped to listen and watch for a few minutes.  A member of the station crew was talking to Houston’s Mission Control, and informed them of a computer problem.  One of the laptops in the Russian segment was giving her problems.  She read off the error message, and it was that dreaded “missing or corrupt” screen that silently mocks you to do anything about it.

Curse you, Bill Gates!

Ignorance Is Not Bliss, It’s Conspiratorial!

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Blame This Mad Scientist


Isaac Asimov

Space Cadet.  To me, an honorific. I wear the label with pride.

This man, as much as any other, is to blame.


Mad Scientists

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Yes, it’s true. There really ARE mad scientists!  This group is walking around, doing science (important stuff) on ice floes in the Arctic.  On ice. In the Arctic!

They’re mad, I tell you!  Mad!

Look at that…  bbrrrrrr!


We Need Another Carl Sagan

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We Get Calls


Actual call last night:  woman says “I’ve lost my memory, and can’t find it”.

She wasn’t talking about computer parts.

We sent a cop.

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