The Devil made him do it?

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Because, really, how can mere mortal men resist Grindr?

The louder they rant and rave against the gays, the more likely you’ll find them on Grindr.

Here’s this closeted queen’s story.

Here’s how I know…

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  1. Trump was not evacuated, or even secured in the bunker, from the White House when the Capitol was invaded.
  2. The Republicans, even those who claim it was ANTIFA or Democratic stooges dressed up as Trump supporters, don’t want an independent commission to investigate it.

If they actually believed what they spout, they’d be all over that commission idea to prove it. They’re not, because they don’t want the truth, which we already know, to be officially confirmed.

Devin Nunes (my Congressman) and Kevin McCarthy (the district next door to mine) can pack sand. They are traitors to our republic.

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