History repeats: Conservative California community to again proclaim June LGBT Pride Month

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I’ll be accepting the second LGBT Pride Month Proclamation on behalf of the LGBT community here in Visalia.

Survivorship Bias

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A very interesting read. You might end up tossing out everything you thought you knew about success and failure.

You Are Not So Smart

The Misconception: You should focus on the successful if you wish to become successful.

The Truth: When failure becomes invisible, the difference between failure and success may also become invisible.

In New York City, in an apartment a dozen blocks west of Harlem, above trees reaching out over sidewalks and dogs pulling at leashes and conversations cut short to avoid parking tickets, a group of professional thinkers once gathered and completed equations that would both snuff and spare several hundred thousand human lives.

People walking by the apartment at the time had no idea that four stories above them some of the most important work in applied mathematics was tilting the scales of a global conflict as secret agents of the United States armed forces, arithmetical soldiers, engaged in statistical combat. Nor could people today know as they open umbrellas and twist heels on cigarettes, that nearby, in an apartment overlooking Morningside…

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Pray for Oklahoma? How about doing something that will actually help!

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pray_for_oklahomaThe Facebook messages have already started.  As Oklahoma digs out of the destruction caused by tornados, well-minded people have started reminding each other to “pray for Oklahoma”.  I can’t think of anything more useless.  Praying obviously had no effect on the path or strength of the tornados, and if they did, I’d still have a serious problem with the deity in charge of such things.  A much more useful idea, and one guaranteed to help, would be to donate to recognized charities responding to the area.  Cash donations are what serves those agencies best, allowing them to respond in the most efficient manner possible.

You can talk to yourself all you want (praying), but that won’t do anything but let you think you’ve done your part to help.  You haven’t.  If you really think “God” responds to your prayers, you still have, or more precisely “God” has, a lot of explaining to do about the whole process.

Don’t pray.  Act.

Sweet little gay boi, what are we going to do with you?


gayboi I’ve never understood the attraction for an older man that some young gay men have.  That may be because I’ve never felt attracted to men older than myself, but there are many young gay men that do go after men twice their age, or even older.  They’re looking for “daddies”, and they can be quite determined about it.  (“Daddie” here refers to an age bracket and/or an age difference between the men, not any kind of incestuous relationship)  From time to time, I’ll receive messages through various media from younger men who want to chat.  Usually they are short conversations, as many of these gay bois are looking for a “sugar daddy”, and I neither desire nor can I afford to be anyone’s ATM card.  (maybe if I had won that $600 million Powerball draw last night….


Darkness invades the Federation

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star-trek-into-darkness-enterpriseI just got home from seeing the latest Star Trek movie, Star Trek Into Darkness.  I don’t know where to begin on this one, it’s all over the place.

It’s a huge, bright, fast, funny, dramatic, incredibly well done technical marvel of a movie.  There were some incredibly unbelievable ball-drops as well, however!  Some things where I get the feeling somebody high-up decided they didn’t have to solve that problem, or have things make sense, because 80% of the audience they’re shooting for wouldn’t know the difference anyway!

I watched it in 3D, and it was very impressive.  The depth and realism had me at points startling at things suddenly in my face.  The more than 2 hours flew by, and I’ll be going to see it again.

If you haven’t seen it yet, and [SPOILERS!] want to avoid knowing plot points in advance [SPOILERS!], stop here, and go see the movie.  Then come back later and tell me what you thought of it.


A Quiet Moment

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2 am, 5/16/2013


“Ground Control To Major Tom”

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Recorded on the International Space Station.

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