Santa and his guns. WTF??

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They don’t call them “gun nuts” for nothing, you know.

The Scottsdale, Arizona gun club is offering $5 pictures with Santa and his guns.  $10 for non-members.  After all, nothing says Christmas joy and Holiday cheer like a machine gun!  It makes you wonder WWJS (what would Jesus say)?

Are these people freaking nuts??  Anyone so enamored of guns that they would have a Christmas picture taken of them, Santa, and an armory of high-power assault weapons?  I know some of the men probably sport near-permanent hard ons when they think of their guns, but…  come on!  I think it must be similar to guys who run around in huge 4×4 trucks, lifted to the sky.  They’re clearly compensating for their own “shortcomings”, and big trucks and Christmas pictures with assault weapons simply broadcast that fact to the world.

In-fucking-credible. Think Rudolph and the gang would fly the old fat man around if they knew he had an AR-15 hidden in his bag?

A Train, Two Old Queers, and the Token Straight Boy

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At the Fresno AMTRAK Station Sunday evening, seeing off Mike (L) and Nathan (R).

Mike and Nathan live in the Bay Area, and came to Fresno to see relatives for the Thanksgiving holiday.  After a ‘business meeting’ to discuss various sundry website details and discuss future plans for and it’s associated Queer websites, I saw them off at Fresno’s downtown AMTRAK station.  Mike is our glorious leader (AKA  Mr. President), and Nathan is our secretary.  Between Mike keeping things on an even keel, and Nathan doing a lot of the grunt work, all I have to do as Vice President is sit around and look pretty.

Don’t I do that well?

(oh, I do add a blog or three, now and then. Go check them out, if you like.  You’ll find them at,, and, to name a few)

Mike is the driving force behind the Queer sites,  starting off with about mumble mumble years ago.

I came on board a few years ago, after Mike, for reasons known only to him, invited me to blog with them.  I turned him down twice before deciding ‘what the hell’, and jumping in.  He hasn’t run me off, yet, so I must be doing something right.

Nathan is our cute, hot, funny, intelligent, young voice on the Queer sites.   He’s also our token straight boy.  Sorry guys.

We have a staff of other bloggers who add to the mix, and it’s working pretty well.  Go check it out, at

It’s not all Adam-12

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When half of your jurisdiction is mountains, you need the right equipment!

Used in parades and other events, it’s also used in actual responses in the mountains, for search and rescue.

Albert Didn’t Visit Us Last Night

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The Duty Officer has many responsibilities to tend to during his or her shift in dispatch.  One of those duties is answering the intercoms posted at various doors to the building.  Several times a night, the buzzer at one or the other of the doors will sound, with someone needing help.  Almost without fail, they are looking for the jail.  Posting signs at either intercom, indicating that each particular door is NOT the jail, and pointing out where one needs to go to find the jail, rarely produces the desired result.  They still buzz, and are still looking for the jail.  Last night, we had one that had me laughing harder than I have for a long time.

“BUUUZZZZZZ”  (they love to hold down that call button)

Duty officer:  “Can I help you?”

Gentlemen at the intercom:  “Yes”.


Tea with Ted at Teazer’s

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Kicking back at Teazer’s in Fresno’s historic Tower District. Jim and Ted lounging and shooting the breeze.

Weekly Roundup @ 9-1-1

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Some of this weeks more memorable calls:

#1. A woman found her horse, and wants a Deputy to help her pick it up.  Trouble is, is it really her horse?  You see, it’s been missing for a while, and she’s just located it at a rental stable.  She goes into a long story that basically boils down to – her daughter took the horse that she (the daughter) considered hers, after Mom and Dad went through a nasty divorce.  Daughter took the horse to a boarding stable, and didn’t tell Mom where it was.  Mom finally found out, and went to claim “her” horse (she “paid for it, fed it, has the papers”) and is upset the stable owners won’t let her take it, even going so far as to change the lock on the gate!  (How dare they?!?!)  Of course, the stable owners only have her word on it, as far as they know, the person paying the stable rental fees is the actual owner.  Woman wants the Deputy to help her take “her” horse.

Not going to happen.  Settle it in court.  Woman not happy, will call back later.

#2. Drunk woman sobbing on the phone.  She’s been abandoned by her kids somewhere in California!  She doesn’t know where she is!  Help her!  She tells me she’s on Highway 198.  OK, Highway 198 is close to a hundred miles from end to end!  Where on Highway 198??  She doesn’t know!  She’s near a Chevron station.  (We see from the cell tower address that she’s got to be close to Three Rivers, but that still leaves a lot of area to cover)

After about an hour of trying to get her to figure out where she is, and multiple calls of her sobbing and hanging up on us, we track it down.  She’s drunk. Very drunk. She wandered away from a local bar, her ‘significant other’ got tired of her and left her there and returned to his hotel room.  We finally got her back to the room with ‘hubby’ (or whoever) and tucked in for the night.  Oh.. the wonders of alcohol!

#3. Gangster wanna-be (and stupid with a capital S) teenager tries to shoot at someone, but misses.  Three targets, in close proximity, and he’s got a shotgun.  Lucky for the intended targets, this dip is a lousy shot, and misses all of them!  That’s one reason our gang related shootings only sometimes result in serious injury or death – the shooters are all really bad shots!

#4. Better shot in front of the ‘stop and rob’ along the freeway.  A call that we originally thought was an armed robbery with shots fired turned out to be a fight in the parking lot that escalated into someone grabbing their shotgun and blasting away.  Everyone was gone before we got units on the scene, including the victim, but he showed up at a local hospital fairly quickly.  Detectives still tracking down this one, but they’ve got some good intel, so it’s probably only a matter of time.

It was a slow week, maybe the weather kept them in.  More later.

Better late than never! The Visalia Times Delta publishes my letter

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October 11 was National Coming Out Day.  I wrote and submitted a Letter To The Editor about it, hoping my local paper, The Visalia Times Delta, would publish it on NCOD.  They didn’t, and I dismissed the hope of seeing it in the printed edition.  A few days after the 11th, I went ahead and posted it in the blog section of the paper’s online site, and to  Imagine my surprise to see it in yesterdays paper!  It appeared on the 11th, but the 11th of Novemeber!  Better late than never, I suppose.  The comments are filling up with a lot of religious bigotry and hatred, and a couple of positive remarks.  There are a lot of remarks from a few different screen names, posting multiple times, and endlessly going on about how I’m going to hell, and need to repent.  Some of us who post regularly to the online forums of the VTD suspect the multiple screen names belong to one individual, but you never know.  In this area, there are plenty of homophobes ready and willing to rant their anonymous diatribes.  It could be more than one person, but regardless, they continue to spout lies, hatred, bigotry, and endlessly go on about how “God” hates this that and the other.  But, it did get printed.  Already got some nice comments at work and at my Facebook page about it.
Check it out here.

White House: No aliens (that we know of)

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In response to online petitions at the White House website, the Obama Administration has formally responded to demands that the government “formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.”

Not surprisingly, the official response is:

The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.

Of course, that’s what they want you to believe! I mean, after all, what are they going to say? “Yeah, you got us! We admit it, Rosewell was a alien spaceship, and we’ve got the bodies in a morgue at Area 51.”

Next up, a petition to make them admit this petition was disinformation and a lie, too.

The Truth Is Out There.

Mulder! Run!


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