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Voyager 2 at 12,000 Days: The Super-Marathon Continues

From NASA’s Voyager Website.

NASA’s plucky Voyager 2 spacecraft has hit a long-haul operations milestone today (June 28) — operating continuously for 12,000 days. For nearly 33 years, the venerable spacecraft has been returning data about the giant outer planets, and the characteristics and interaction of solar wind between and beyond the planets. Among its many findings, Voyager 2 discovered Neptune’s Great Dark Spot and its 450-meter-per-second (1,000-mph) winds.

The two Voyager spacecraft have been the longest continuously operating spacecraft in deep space. Voyager 2 launched on August 20, 1977, when Jimmy Carter was president. Voyager 1 launched about two weeks later on Sept. 5. The two spacecraft are the most distant human-made objects, out at the edge of the heliosphere — the bubble the sun creates around the solar system. Mission managers expect Voyager 1 to leave our solar system and enter interstellar space in the next five years or so, with Voyager 2 on track to enter interstellar space shortly after that.

Having traveled more than 21 billion kilometers (13 billion miles) on its winding path through the planets toward interstellar space, the spacecraft is now nearly 14 billion kilometers (9 billion miles) from the sun. A signal from the ground, traveling at the speed of light, takes about 12.8 hours one-way to reach Voyager 2.

Voyager 1 will reach this 12,000-day milestone on July 13, 2010 after traveling more than 22 billion kilometers (14 billion miles). Voyager 1 is currently more than 17 billion kilometers (11 billion miles) from the sun.

The Voyagers were built by JPL, which continues to operate both spacecraft. Caltech manages JPL for NASA.

For more information about the Voyagers, visit:

Poor Pluto

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An Avatar For Me?

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OK, I’m wasting way too much time on the Internet!  This was fun.  I’m not sure just what it’s all about, but what the hell…  the old man can play too!  😉


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Someone snapped a picture recently, and purports it to be me. I can neither confirm nor deny any factual content in this image.

God, Ghosts, and ATMs (via Tulare County Atheists)

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My most read blog post, ever. As of this posting, this blog has been viewed 2,790 times! I don’t know how many are actually reading it, as it’s hitting on the search term “ghosts”, but they are at least coming to the page to check it out. I’ve been watching the tallies on other posts on the site, and it would appear that folks are not staying and reading other entries, but at least they see this one. I hope readers find it amusing, or at least mildly interesting, since that’s mostly why I blog.

God, Ghosts, and ATMs I sometimes get strange looks when I say I don't believe in God.  Most people haven't thought much about the issue, and just accept that everyone does.  Oh, they know there are atheists out there, but for most of them, it's a rather odd thought.  They're not quite sure how to think of atheists, and suspect that we really do believe but just say we don't. Maybe they think it's a test from God, or something.  And I've been capitalizing "God" on pur … Read More

via Tulare County Atheists

So Alone. But Not.

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This is a good blog by PZ Myers at Pharyngula. It expresses so much that is true about us, and I urge you to read it.

Sunday Sacrilege: So alone

Category: Godlessness
Posted on: June 27, 2010 11:53 AM, by PZ Myers

Scientists and atheists do something that many believers find repellent: we shatter their perception of their relationship to the universe. And understandably, they don’t like that.


Visalia’s Best Cheeseburger

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Seems like a lifetime ago.  Other times, it’s yesterday.  I was 24 when this picture was taken.  I was the proud owner of “Jimmie’s Chicken Shack”,  a chicken take-out/cafe/diner/food place, where I had been working for about 7 years under various owners before taking over myself.

We served some great food, and I really miss it sometimes, because nobody in town comes close!  We had fried chicken, fish and chips, BBQ spare ribs that were absolutely incredible, some ‘mexican’ food, and hamburgers.  Oh, those hamburgers.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, then or since, has come close.  In fact, it was the best in town.  And that’s not just me bragging.  It was in the paper!

Monday, July 4, 1983  Visalia Times Delta

The headline:  The Search Is On For Visalia’s ‘Fantasy Cheeseburger’


Field Day 2010 – HAM Radio

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Field Day, held on the last weekend in June each year, is the ARRL’s annual test of emergency preparedness for radio amateurs.  From Saturday morning till Sunday morning, operators set up temporary stations and operate radios in an attempt to contact as many other stations as possible.   HAM radio operators and clubs set up stations in remote locations in rehearsal for emergency situations where they would provide communications for local civil and emergency organizations.  Using their own equipment, HAM radio operators contact other stations around the country to practice their communication skills.

The Tulare County Amateur Radio Club held it’s event at Tulare’s Zumwalt park, setting up a tent and operating 4 different stations.  Running on emergency power, operators used voice and morse code to contact other stations throughout the USA.   Computers, networked through a wireless router, keep track of contacts,  logging contacted stations for contest score purposes.

After the jump, some pictures from the event in Tulare.


The Space Needle Goes Gay (via Queer Visalia)

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Hey! I’ve been there! Once as a child shortly after the World’s Fair, and then in the mid-80’s. Great view from the deck.

The Space Needle Goes Gay From Joe.My.God, who got it from Pam's House Blend. … Read More

via Queer Visalia

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