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It took me a bit to get it, and I’m not a math geek, but I thought it was funny!

Geek of the Week moments

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#1  The Doctor and Craig are fighting the Cybermen silver rat in Craig’s kitchen.  Craig is holding the rat immobile with a cookie sheet from the oven, and the Doctor is riffing about why his sonic screwdriver isn’t working to deactivate it.  In a great line, The Doctor says “that’s OK, I have an app for that!”, gives the sonic a twist, and zaps the rat!  The day is saved!

#2  Adam Savage of Mythbusters steps into a dance cage, and boogies down to the Dr. Who theme while Tesla coils zap him!

Just too cool!

First Step Done: 60 day notice given. Countdown begins.

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I didn’t realize it has been that long.  I let my cousin Tracy move into my home in late 2002, after the death of his mother.  At the time, I told him it was just for a short time, until he could find a place of his own.  That, of course, never happened.  He’s been here nine years, and I’ve reached the end of my rope.  He’s paranoid schizophrenic, and has refused to take his medications for a long time now.  He self medicates with alcohol, until he runs out of money from his SSI check.  He thinks I let people in the house to mess with his stuff, and to steal his food.  Since I refuse to keep food in the house (every dollar I spend in food that he eats frees up a dollar of his to buy more beer), he convinces himself that what he bought was stolen, and that I allow it.  I’ve supposedly given out keys to the house to other people, so they can come in when he’s not here.  The list goes on, and everyone who is a relative of ours, or is a friend of mine, gets listed as the culprit in whatever fantasy he’s concocted.  He’s never been physically violent, only verbally, but I’ve had enough, regardless.

When he moved in, I told him what the situation was.  He knew I was gay, and that meant I might have company from time to time.  He assured me he was cool with that, and at first he was.  Now, I’m apparently fucking everyone that pops into his mind, from his daughter to random strangers passing by.  He rambles on, accusing me of being a “sick gay-lesbian-homosexual” that’s having sex with his daughter, his ex, or whoever.

When he moved in, he made me several promises:  He’d stay on his meds, no alcohol, and he’d smoke outside.  He’s broken every one of them.  He’s put holes in the walls of my house in three rooms, and has stained the carpets.  He broke the door frame to the kitchen-to-garage door.  He recently destroyed my front screen door, coming home so drunk he could barely walk, and fell right through it as he was trying to open it.  I had to follow after him wiping blood off my walls because he had fallen somewhere and was bleeding from the forehead where he had hit the ground.  He fell onto my end table, destroying a picture and frame sitting there.  I find shopping carts in my back yard, and things he digs out of trash cans in my garage.  I’ve had enough.

Well, it ends soon.  Today I gave him a 60 day notice, as required by California law.  If he’s still here at the end of that time, I’ll go to court and file eviction papers, and he’ll be thrown out, forcefully, if necessary.  Stay tuned.

This is so wrong…

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It may sound like I’m blowing my own horn here, but this would never work on me.  I simply know too much about satellites, the actual size and shape of the UARS satellite, and what happens when they de-orbit.  Whatever parts survived the re-entry splashed down somewhere in the Pacific, sinking quietly into oblivion.   You have to remember a few things about orbiting machines:  In orbit, they are moving at 17,500 miles per hour.  That’s a lot of kinetic energy that has to go somewhere, and that’s why we see those huge fireballs if we’re lucky enough to see something hit the upper atmosphere. Also, 3/4’s of the planet’s surface is ocean, so the odds are pretty good it’s going to splashdown, not crashdown.

The funny part of the video, for me, is that the ‘victims’ of this prank have no clue that what they’re seeing cannot happen.  A little science education would have told them immediately they were the victims of a prank.  But it makes for good television!

Have we lost the wars yet?

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Well, we’re in the third day of the post-DADT world.  Have we lost the wars, yet?  Are the recruiting centers empty?  Do we need backhoes to find our troop’s moral?  Are our enemies plotting our overthrow, now that the military is all homo-fied?

No. No. No. Yes, but they’d have been plotting that anyway, so no big change there.

It won’t take long for most people to come around to the conclusion that this will be the biggest non-event in military history.  Right wing Chicken Little’s not withstanding.

To all our active duty service members, and to the veterans, thank you for your service, thank you for being part of the finest military in the world, and thank you for showing the rest of us how to live up to our national credo.  Salute.


Orion, Aurora Australis,ISS, and Home Sweet Home

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Taken on September 14, 2011, from the International Space Station.

Click to see the Bad Astronomy post, and the picture full size.

STOP! In the name of the law!

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Y'all are in a heap 'O trouble, boy!

It really annoys me to see stuff like this.  I mean, really, it’s just embarrassing.

A press release at our agency’s website reads:

Deputies conducted a traffic stop on an unoccupied vehicle

I’m pretty sure you can’t conduct a traffic stop on an unoccupied vehicle.  Unless that whole Transformers thing was actually a documentary, and not science fiction,  there’s just no way to make that work.

I don’t understand why we let things like that get out.  Just how do you stop an unoccupied vehicle?

This old angry hetero doesn’t care, why should the rest? (via Queer Landia)

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Clint tells it like it should be.

This old angry hetero doesn't care, why should the rest? As the saying goes, only the good die young. If that's true, being only just in my 20's I can rest assured that I won't kick the bucket until well into my 90's. So after I've lived a full life making immoral, and irresponsible decisions and I'm beating young whippersnappers off my lawn with my cane while grunting "back in my day…", if I can consider myself one-quarter of the badass that Clint Eastwood is, I'll be a happy grumpy old man. Clint E … Read More

via Queer Landia

Safety First: Don’t Sext and Drive – You’ll Make A Mess!

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Always good advice.  We got a bunch of calls about this sign after it appeared on Road 80, north of Visalia.  Construction is ongoing, the formerly two-lane road being upgraded to four lanes between Visalia and Dinuba.  Nobody’s quite sure who’s responsible for the message, but the sign itself belongs to a contractor working on the highway.  It was finally taken down.  Probably a good idea, no telling how distracting (or suggestive!) it might have been!

9/11 post script

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My previous post did something interesting.

After I posted it, but before going to the page, WordPress sent me this little message:

This is your 520th post. Hip! This post has 911 words.

911 words. On 9/11.  I doubt I could deliberately do that if I tried!


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