The Journey of the Archer

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archerThat’s as good a title for this dream as any, I suppose, although all I was doing was trying to get to someplace just past the horizon.  Why I needed to be there, I don’t know, but I was determined.

I seldom remember my dreams when  I wake, and when I do it’s usually just an emotional memory, lacking details.  I do recall that recently they have been either scary or upsetting, but what they consisted of I have no idea.  This morning’s was different.

I don’t know if this dream was influenced by the book I recently read, Legacy, A Father’s Tale, or by my enjoyment of the television series Arrow, but I was apparently an archer.  I was carrying a bow, a bit more modern than the one in the image above, and I was dressed in a manner that combined elements of modern clothing and this archer’s garb.  I don’t remember having a quiver of bows on my back, however.

The journey takes place today, or very nearly so, and I’m trying to get from wherever I am, presumably Visalia, first to a point on the other side of Ivanhoe.  But things are different.


Soft touch? or expanding horizons?

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legacy_fatherSaturday afternoon, after getting a picture taken at a photo shoot for The Self Evident Truth Project, I decided to wander down Main Street and see the sights.  As I exited the Garden Street Plaza and started heading west on Main Street, I noticed there was an arts street festival in progress, and I thought I might stroll over and take a look.  As I headed along the sidewalk,  I was approached by a man who wanted to tell me about the book he wrote.

Usually, that’s a sign to me to continue walking, and respond only with a polite “no thanks”.  No telling what “his book” would be about… maybe a government conspiracy to use contrails to spray something on unsuspecting Americans, or maybe how the Masons are secretly in control of Visalia.  You just never know with someone approaching you on the street.   This time, however, I stopped and listened.   He had his two kids with him, so I figured it was probably OK to see what he had to say.  And I could see the dragon and the boy holding a sword on the cover, so I was a bit intrigued.

What could it hurt, right?  Maybe it was time to expand my horizons.


Another one. This could become a trend this week.



@Grindr Tweeted this today.

I’m suddenly wanting some hot chocolate…



Workin’ the OT

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10-4-2013 Tulare County Sheriff’s Dispatch, Channel 1, south end of Tulare County.


Star Trek Trippin’

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Ok, fellow Star Trek fans, here’s a mission for you.  Can you spot the technical error in this screen capture from the ST: TOS episode “City on the edge of forever”?  If you’ll recall, the story involves Kirk, Spock, and McCoy travelling to 1930 New York City by way of the Guardian of Forever.  First aired April 6, 1967, our intrepid heroes must right McCoy’s interference in history in order to restore the timeline, and save the world from being conquered by the Nazis.

Well, I’m sure the sharp eyed among you have noticed the More

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