Jimmiejoe Goes Golfing – circa 1968

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There’s a great website by Visalia historian Terry Ommen, Historic Happenings, that chronicles the history of Visalia.  This month’s post had a question about the location of the Linwood Golf Course.

The image above is where I believe the course was located.  South of School Street, between Linwood and Crenshaw.  The course, if I recall, was a small 9 hole affair, and stretched down to the edge of Mill Creek on the south. (I don’t recall if the creek traversed the course, or simply skirted it.)  The area is now condominiums and single family homes.  

I played one “round” there when I was in the 5th or 6th grade (circa 1968).  A buddy who lived in the area invited me to go with him and “play” a round.  We did, but I don’t remember our scores, or if we even bothered to keep track.  We had brought a set of clubs, they were Lenny’s or his father’s I suppose, and we hacked our way around the course.  

It was a fun afternoon, but I would not touch another golf club until the mid-80’s, when the boss invited the “managerial” staff to a round out at the course east of Mooney’s Grove. (the name escapes me, and it is no longer open)  That round was such a spectacular mess, with a long hole (on the back nine? South side of the course. If you’re a local golfer, you probably know it.)  teaching me that I have no business on a golf course, ever.  I haven’t tried the game since.

I understand golf was invented in Scotland.  I think they did it just to torture the rest of the world.  

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