NOH8 picture finally available!

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The NOH8 Campaign pictures taken at Fresno are now available.

Here’s mine!

It has occurred to me…

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It’s a shame there aren’t more (any) out gay deputies at my department. During a quiet spell tonight, I was thinking about the dispatch tradition I’ve been unable to uphold in my 18 years here.
In all those years, I’m pretty sure I’m the only (single) dispatcher that has not had some kind of gossip-worthy relationship with a deputy or officer.
I’m a bit bummed by that.
Oh well, guess it’s just not meant to be.


Really, who could resist this face?


Jimmie Joe Reeves

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A bit of a difference from the other guy, huh?

Jimmy Joe Reeves

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How’s that for a hot German actor, singer, musician, producer, and gay man?  If I ever get to Germany, I’d like to meet him.  We chatted briefly one night by instant messages, but I was driving and couldn’t say much.  Maybe someday he can show me around Berlin.  One can dream! His Facebook page. His Google+.

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Space Cadet Jimmiejoe is a sad boy today. Huffington Post has the best headline I’ve seen so far: “One Giant Loss For Mankind”

From the Archives: 2/26/2008 – On Coming Out To Friends: One stays, one goes

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February 2008

Just when you think you have it figured out…

I was sitting at Denny’s recently, trying not to listen to a group at a nearby table gossiping about some of their friends and the trials and tribulations they were going through, when I started thinking about two friends of mine. Each reacted to my coming out differently, and I had thought I knew how things would go when they found out. Boy, was I ever wrong.

Dennis and I met in Mrs. York’s Norcross’* 6th grade class, way back in 1968.  We have been ‘best friends’ ever since, with only a few years of not much contact when Dennis became a born again Christian at about age 18.  Since I had been sure that I was an atheist since about the time we met, I thought this would be the end of our friendship.  While we went several years with only sporadic contact, we eventually became close again.  Over the years, Dennis attended several religious colleges, and graduated from the Fuller Seminary in Pasadena.  My ‘best friend’ was a Southern Baptist minister!  I often tell people that I may be one of the only atheists around with his own minister!

Don and I met in high school.  We became fast friends pretty quickly, and ran around a lot during our school years.


Why does Curiosity have it’s own laser? The truth behind an armed rover.

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The official story is one of a modest laser device, used to blast tiny holes in rocks, and analyze the resulting dust and debris with a spectrometer.  This, according to the briefs, will allow scientists to determine the chemical structure of the rocks.  NASA/JPL just released a picture of their first test firing.

From the looks of the images, you’d think “no big deal. A little tiny hole in a rock.”  The truth, however, is much more sinister.

We all know the government never tells you the complete story about these things.  Remember when spy satellites were all the “top-secret” rage, and they “could read the license plate number on your car”?  Of course, the capabilities were far more than was admitted.  The same thing applies to Curiosity.

A nuclear reactor?  To power a golf cart and a laser pointer? Not bloody likely…


Mars isn’t the only place we’ve landed out there!

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The surface of Titan, a satellite of Saturn

Space Cadet JimmieJoe is taking me to task right now.  This is a big thing, and I missed it!

On January 14, 2005, NASA and ESA landed a probe on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn!

I don’t recall being aware of this, at all.  I don’t even know if I’ve seen this picture before, but if I have, I’m fairly certain I would think it was of Mars.  Instead, this is the surface of a satellite orbiting a planet 794 million miles away from us (at it’s closest approach).

I’m thinking, right now, of all the hoopla surrounding the recent landing of the Curiosity on Mars, and marveling that there was not something similar back in 2005.  Yes, the Huygens probe, part of the Cassini mission, only parachuted to the “ground”, and Curiosity did the whole ‘heat shield – parachute – retro rocket – sky crane’ deal, but still…

I missed it!  (hanging head in shame, avoiding the glare of 12 year old Space Cadet JimmieJoe)

Mars, and Titan.  But did you know, they’re not the only two places we’ve set down on.

We’ve landed on another planet, too.


They’re NASA and they know it…

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A Woman, A Sweaty Horse, and 9-1-1

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