Some Good Music

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Kendall Brady (left) and Rob Cox (right) sing “You and Me”.

Rob is the brother of a co-worker of mine.  I enjoy his singing, he’s got an interesting voice and style.  Here‘s his YouTube channel, check it out.

Bakersfield Gets Special Attention From NOH8 (via Queer Bakersfield)

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I had been planning on attending this event, but it was prevented by my work schedule. I hope to make a photo shoot eventually, I’d really like to be in one of these!

Bakersfield Gets Special Attention From NOH8 The NOH8 Campaign paid special tribute to Bakersfield Pride on their website!  Check it out! … Read More

via Queer Bakersfield

Now all I need is an alter, and a sacrifice…

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Bless you, my son…

Yes, that’s really the way we bless things here…

… of course I’m sure.  I’m the High Priest!

Random Tweet Convergence

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Sometimes the random nature of Twitter produces some awesome results.  Two people I follow, who may not even be aware of each other, tweeted comments at nearly the same time today that resulted in this:

Both are actors and their random comments today made me smile.

Santa BOLO and Radio Silliness

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Sometimes we get to have some fun.  Here’s our annual BOLO (be on the lookout) for Santa.  People stay up till after midnight to hear this every year, and every year it’s a bit different.

Many hours later, after a typically busy night (yep, Christmas is non-stop running from one call to the next)(did you hear the phones ringing constantly in the background?) one of the units cleared a loud music call in a slightly different than usual manner…  so I responded in kind.

We were busy from 7pm till I left at 3am. And dispatch was short handed all night long.  It’s been a long, tiring shift, and I’m ready for bed!  Then I get to get up and do it all over again tonight.

Excitement, Will Robinson, Excitement!

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New Recruiting Poster?


I Want YOU - For The US Air Force! Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach

I think this might be a great recruiting poster for the Air Force.  It’s a shame I’m well past the age to enlist!  😉  See other gay military men at NOH8’s website.

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