The Future Depends On Me. (and you)

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They managed to find me in the time stream.  Apparently they’ve been looking for me for quite some time…  I didn’t think I was that difficult to locate!

Palin as Shakespeare? Not even close!

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Keith Olberman had a great comeback:   “I’ve read Will Shakespeare. Ma’am, you’re no Will Shakespeare”

First She Was A Pit Bull, Now She’s A Grizzly Bear?

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A biographer of Sarah Palin’s has found her target audience: 9-12 year olds.  “Speaking up: the Sarah Palin Story” is being published by Christian pulisher Zondervan’s Zonderkidz division.  We can just imagine what they’ll say about her.  At least until it’s actually published, in September.

Sarah Palin is almost as entertaining as Yogi Berra when it comes to saying things she didn’t really mean.  Or maybe she did.

“What would your response be if I asked you to remove some books from the collection?” –Sarah Palin, inquiring with Wasilla librarian Mary Ellen Emmons about banning books right after taking office in 1996

Here are some other Palinisms to consider:

Idiot Speak

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Uh, Sarah…  I don’t think he gives a flying flip about the situation.  He’s had several opportunities  to “help”, but he’s passed on the opportunity.  Looks like we’re on our own.

Hey, Wingnuts…  how can ANY of you think this woman is Presidential material? Are you all…  wait, yes, you are.  Never mind.

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