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September 28, 2019

Taken at Common Space, Fresno, California


You Can’t Get There From Here

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Twice this weekend I’ve been confronted with addresses which don’t exist. In one case, I was going to pick someone up, and in the other, I was asked why 9-1-1 could not find the scene of an accident. In both cases, the wrong address was given.  Neither of these incidents involved my employment as a 9-1-1 dispatcher, I was “off-duty”, but both required my skills as a dispatcher to figure out and solve.

Scenario one:

I was going to Fresno to pick up a person to take to lunch. The address I was given popped up in my phone’s mapping app with no problem, so I drove right to the spot indicated. Trouble was, no house in the area had the actual number I was looking for. I called the person, and he indicated that, yes, it was the correct address. He stepped out and looked for me, but I saw no one, and he didn’t see me. As we discussed the problem, he mentioned he was in a neighborhood that I knew was nowhere close to where I was, but was clear across town. I headed that way. Once I got into the area in question, I was still unable to find the correct address. We talked some more, and I tried to get cross streets. Once I figured out where he was, I realized he had given me the correct numbers, but the wrong street! He was giving me the cross street, not the street on which the house was actually located. To top it off, the house in question was across the street from someone I knew! It took an hour extra to find him (Fresno is a rather large city, and traffic is a pain), and all because he didn’t know the correct address to the house in which he was staying. I eventually found him, and we had a nice lunch at Irene’s in the Tower District and then a visit to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. An enjoyable day, after the wandering around Fresno for an hour.

Scenario two:

This incident was due to difficulties had when someone called 9-1-1 and gave an incorrect location for a traffic accident. The wrong street name was given, and the 9-1-1 dispatcher could not get it to “geo-base” in the dispatch computer. As far as the computer was concerned, there was no such place. The CHP dispatcher, being in Fresno and not familiar with a rural location outside of Visalia, could not figure out where the accident was located. When asked for a cross street, the caller said there was none. (Their is always a cross street, it just might be a long distance away.)  Roads in cities often continue out into county areas, and as such the designations usually change to a county name. Sometimes they don’t, and this might create greater confusion. This particular incident involves a street originating in Visalia, and extending out almost to Farmersville.

Mineral King Avenue is now a frontage road to Highway 198 as it passes through Visalia. It is on the north side of the freeway, and Noble avenue is the frontage road on the south side. As we continue east out of the city, the Mineral King becomes Avenue 296. Sometimes. It shows up on many on-line maps as Mineral King all the way to it’s terminus east of county Road 168. The end of the road is where this accident occurred, as a vehicle crashed onto property at the end of the frontage road.

Many people, and some on-line maps, call this frontage road “Mineral King Avenue”, even though it’s correct designation east of the Visalia city limits is Avenue 296. The frontage road on the south side of the freeway experiences the same issue. It is Noble Avenue in the city of Visalia, but changes to Avenue 295, like Mineral King changes to Avenue 296, at the city limits. Except there are places as you approach Farmersville where the name changes back to Noble, and new numbering is used, as the locations are in that city. These changes cause no end of confusion, as was the case in this call to 9-1-1.  Once the correct address was determined, emergency units could respond.

The lesson to be learned here? As I’ve often said, *YOU* have to know where you are. That means you have to know the correct address, not just what you assume it to be. Every place has an address, and it’s up to you to know what that is, or at least to know the closest cross streets.

It’s an imperfect world out there, and you just have to adapt to that imperfection. Unless you do, you’re likely to have someone tell you that where you’re at doesn’t exist.

Drone Training 101


Important first steps in training your very own drone.

Vacation update, Day 1

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Technically not anything “vacation-y”, since I go up to Fresno almost every Sunday and hang out with the guys at The Express for the “Sunday Funday” BBQ/beer bash.  Afterwards, Ted and I hang out at Teazer Tea shop in the Tower for a couple of hours, chatting and catching up.  Sometimes various characters in the Fresno scene join us, and we see if we can’t solve the worlds problems over hot tea.  (Or at the very least carry on about the drama that seems to infiltrate the community at any opportunity.)  Maybe living 45 miles away from all that is a good idea, after all!  😉

We did have a friend of Ted’s join us last night, and it was nice to meet him.  He seems like a nice guy, and it was enjoyable to sit and chat with him and Ted.

I’m already well into Day 2, and haven’t even gotten out of bed yet!  The only thing that’s happened so far today, is the power supply to my Macbook appears to have died, forcing me to retreat to my Compaq laptop to maintain my much-important connection to the Interweb machine thingy.

Can’t be without that!

A Train, Two Old Queers, and the Token Straight Boy

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At the Fresno AMTRAK Station Sunday evening, seeing off Mike (L) and Nathan (R).

Mike and Nathan live in the Bay Area, and came to Fresno to see relatives for the Thanksgiving holiday.  After a ‘business meeting’ to discuss various sundry website details and discuss future plans for and it’s associated Queer websites, I saw them off at Fresno’s downtown AMTRAK station.  Mike is our glorious leader (AKA  Mr. President), and Nathan is our secretary.  Between Mike keeping things on an even keel, and Nathan doing a lot of the grunt work, all I have to do as Vice President is sit around and look pretty.

Don’t I do that well?

(oh, I do add a blog or three, now and then. Go check them out, if you like.  You’ll find them at,, and, to name a few)

Mike is the driving force behind the Queer sites,  starting off with about mumble mumble years ago.

I came on board a few years ago, after Mike, for reasons known only to him, invited me to blog with them.  I turned him down twice before deciding ‘what the hell’, and jumping in.  He hasn’t run me off, yet, so I must be doing something right.

Nathan is our cute, hot, funny, intelligent, young voice on the Queer sites.   He’s also our token straight boy.  Sorry guys.

We have a staff of other bloggers who add to the mix, and it’s working pretty well.  Go check it out, at

Tea with Ted at Teazer’s

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Kicking back at Teazer’s in Fresno’s historic Tower District. Jim and Ted lounging and shooting the breeze.

Sunday afternoon with a friend

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Jim and Jazmin chillin’ on the couch at Ted’s condo.  Ava is just out of frame, sawing logs.  A lazy Sunday afternoon in Fresno.

OK, Ava after the jump.


Local network and IT solutions (via Queer Fresno)

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Local network and IT solutions This is Ted Freitas of Central Point Networks LLC.  They’re a local IT and network solutions provider and you can click the link below to check out their official business website!  🙂 … Read More

via Queer Fresno

You’re Kidding, Right? No? Really?


Friday night.  Fresno.  Comedy Club night at a club in the Tower District.  Security checking IDs at the entrance.  Even mine.

The security kid guy asked for my ID?  Is he kidding me?  Nobody, and I mean nobody, has thought I was underage for a long time.  Hell, someone could have been born and become legal themselves since the last time I was carded!  The last time I was even almost carded was in Las Vegas for New Years 2009.  The doorman was carding almost everyone, but waved me through when I got up to him.   The rest of that story falls under the “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” regulation, so I can’t really discuss it any more than that.  Sorry.

So I pulled out my wallet, flipped it open to pull my driver license out, but he said that was good enough, he didn’t actually have to look at it.  He just needed to confirm that I had it.  That is the strangest carding I’ve ever experienced.  I’m failing at coming up with a rational reason to require ID from people, if it’s not for verification of age.


New Year's 2010

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Too bad the IPhone can’t handle low light levels.  About 1am at the North Tower Circle in Fresno.

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