How Much Oil Is That?


One barrel of oil = 42 US gallons

100,000 x 42 = 4,200,000 gallons per day flowing from the blowout “preventer”.

4,200,000 x 63 days = 264,600,000 (two hundred sixty four million, six hundred thousand) gallons of oil.  And counting.

Possible plug date:  August 2010.  Maybe.  If they’re lucky.

Terrible Geek – Gulf Spill Visible From Space

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Taken June 19,2010 by NASA’s Terra satellite.  NASA page here, and a large JPEG image, 10 MB, here.
I think this gives a much better view of the damage that’s been done, and will be done, in the Gulf. Images from the ground, as terrible as they are sometimes, never allow you to see the scope of the disaster. We’ve killed half the Gulf of Mexico, and more to come.

An Act Of God? Or Just Incompetence?

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“Drill, baby, drill!” –  Sarah Palin, John McCain, Fox News, et al

“Government isn’t the solution, government’s the problem!” – Ronald Reagan


We’ve Got Things Under Control!


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