Friday night.  Fresno.  Comedy Club night at a club in the Tower District.  Security checking IDs at the entrance.  Even mine.

The security kid guy asked for my ID?  Is he kidding me?  Nobody, and I mean nobody, has thought I was underage for a long time.  Hell, someone could have been born and become legal themselves since the last time I was carded!  The last time I was even almost carded was in Las Vegas for New Years 2009.  The doorman was carding almost everyone, but waved me through when I got up to him.   The rest of that story falls under the “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” regulation, so I can’t really discuss it any more than that.  Sorry.

So I pulled out my wallet, flipped it open to pull my driver license out, but he said that was good enough, he didn’t actually have to look at it.  He just needed to confirm that I had it.  That is the strangest carding I’ve ever experienced.  I’m failing at coming up with a rational reason to require ID from people, if it’s not for verification of age.

They’re not verifying age, at least not for me, but they’re also not bothering to gather any information from the license.  The question then becomes, why?  The only thing I can come up with, is maybe there is a law or ordinance somewhere that says if you card anyone, you have to card everyone.  Maybe some kind of anti-discrimination thing?

It’s a mystery.

Oh, the Comedy Club was pretty good.  Three local guys, so-so.  Way to much reliance on the “f-word” in their routines.  Come on, guys.  If every other word is “f***”, it just means you’re not smart or funny enough to come up with some good material.  The other three guys were from LA, and each was progressively better than the last.  And each one progressively lessened the use of the f-bomb in their routines.  The final guy only let it rip a few times, and his routines were mostly funny.  Take a hint, local guys.