Ted Freitas,  a VIP around here, owns Central Point Networks.  They’ve recently created a service for home computer users that protects computers and networks from just about anything on the internet!  It just amazes me what they can do with computers.  For instance….

I’ve been having some problems with my main computer.  Part of a home network, it’s recently been sluggish, refusing to find websites, loading only parts of pages, and taking forever to boot up.  I complained to Ted about it recently, just in passing, and he had me install his new service so he could take a look at my system.  Well, I don’t know what he and his techs over at CPN did today while I was asleep, but the difference is night and day!  Pages load in a snap, like they used to, and the computer alternates between programs without pouting about being made to work!

{Shameless plug} Surf on over to CPN (Central Point Networks, LLC) and check out the new Computer Club service.  Well worth the price, it will insure your computers run like the screaming eagles you remember when you first started using them.  Don’t let the malware, viruses,  and other computer ills drag your computer down.  Have Ted and CPN on guard 24/7!