Will I be left out?

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I get a blast out of following Wil Wheaton on Twitter.

Wesley (Wil Wheaton) and Scotty (Simon Pegg) have plans for the Enterprise D

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I love it when creative people get creative right in front of me.  It’s fun to watch, and sometimes you can learn something.

Read this exchange between Wheaton and Pegg from the bottom up.

Random Tweet Convergence

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Sometimes the random nature of Twitter produces some awesome results.  Two people I follow, who may not even be aware of each other, tweeted comments at nearly the same time today that resulted in this:

Both are actors and their random comments today made me smile.

Space Station Geek Moment of the Summer

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It came out of the northwest, a brilliantly glowing white “star”, moving faster than any airplane.  It climbed higher and higher in the night sky, progressively brighter as it approached.  Slowly at first, then appearing to gain speed as it drew near, it passed almost directly overhead.  I was standing in my driveway, trying to squint past the brilliant floodlights of the church parking lot across the street, and focus the sight in my binoculars (that I purchased at Johnson Space Center, Houston, at a “garage sale” they had in the commissary the day of my visit!) .   Not powerful enough to resolve the station from a bright point of light into the actual structure, I put them down to enjoy the site through the best oculars available to me tonight, my own eyes.


Who Knew NASA Had A Sense of Humor??

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