Back home, tired, and a picture to hold you over:

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I’ll post more about the cruise, later.  Right now, I need a nap!

Sweet, Sweet Seduction

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I’ve been seduced. I’m not quite sure who should get the credit, Steve or Ted, but I should probably “blame” it all on Ted. So much of what has gone on in the last 15 years of my life has been due to his influence.  When I first met him, he was a 20 year old computer whiz kid, and damned cute!  Since that first meeting, he’s tried to teach me computers, with various levels of success.  For years, he’s been trying to get me to switch to Apple, but I’d resisted his charms, and Steve’s as well.  Well, I finally was forced to give in.  Steve may have designed the hardware, but the credit has to go to Ted for making me actually bite the Apple.


Somebody’s Confused!

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So a few minutes ago I’m checking out the stats page for my blog, when I see 2 hits from the search engine term ‘sexy ham radio’.  I really had to do a double take on that.

This image is closer to the reality of ham radio.  ‘Sexy’ is not a term I would generally attribute to it.

There are a few exceptions, of course.

For instance, THIS is a sexy ham radio operator…


Ted’s Birthday Party

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Ted’s 36th birthday bash at the Fresno Express was held Sunday night, with a good time had by all.


Birthday Bash for Ted, Sunday July 17th, in Fresno!

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Sunday, July 17, 6pm, at the Express, 708 N. Blackstone, Fresno.

Join us as we celebrate the birthday of Ted Freitas, and help us embarrass him silly!

Full details at the Facebook event page, here!

See you Sunday!

Ted’s Victory Wave

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Ted gives a victory wave at the end of the Aids/Life Cycle 10 in Los Angeles last Saturday.

AIDS/Life Cycle 10 Kick Off

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Here’s Ted and I at the front lobby of the Cow Palace, waiting for the opening ceremonies to begin.  Can you tell we’re both running on almost no sleep?  Huge crowd, I’ll have some videos later of the riderless bike, and the start of the ride.


My San Francisco Weekend – ALC10

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Ted and I take a break at Peet’s Coffee & Tea shop on Market, near the Castro.

(it might even be considered in Castro, the neighborhoods here are fairly small, and it’s only about two or three blocks from Castro Street.)


The Ride To End Aids

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Ted Freitas

I recently published an interview, on QueerFresno and QueerLandia, with Ted Freitas on his upcoming participation in the 10th annual AIDS/Life Cycle, The  Ride To End Aids.

The ride begins this weekend in San Francisco, and ends the following Saturday in Los Angeles.  535 miles.  Ted will be live-tweeting the ride as much as possible, and you can follow him on Twitter, @tedfreitas, and read more on his blog, My Rebooted Life.

I’ll also be doing some posting on the blog myself, and I hope to link up with Ted and the riders Wednesday evening in Paso Robles.

Look for my posts at Ted’s site, My Rebooted Life,, my Twitter feed @kc6yru, and here at

A Decade And A Half

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Ted said I needed to get a better picture of him, so here’s one I stole off his company’s website!

Today is Ted’s 35th birthday! (Happy Birthday Ted!)  I met Ted 15 years ago, shortly after he moved to Visalia from Manteca.  He’s a great guy, and without a doubt a VIP in my life.  He is a computer/network/internet genius, and if you have a home or business computer network, you really should let his company, Central Point Networks, protect your stuff.  Don’t let the Nerd Herd mess it up, call Ted and have it done right!

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