Two of my Queerlandia posts re-blogged at national LGBTQ site

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It must be my lucky week!  I’ve had two Queerlandia blogs re-posted to a major national gay blogsite this week.

First, on Thursday, my post about a former Merced County Deputy Sheriff suing the department for sexual harassment was posted to their “Around the Nation – California” page.

In that article, I wrote of the harassment Ricardo Olguin endured at the Merced Sheriff’s Department.  It was posted to Queerlandia early May 3, and was reposted at LGBTQ Nation later that day.

On Saturday, May 5, I posted a blog as rebuttal to one that appeared earlier in the week at Queerlandia, in which the author calls Dan Savage a bully and a hypocrite.


Geek of the Week moments

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#1  The Doctor and Craig are fighting the Cybermen silver rat in Craig’s kitchen.  Craig is holding the rat immobile with a cookie sheet from the oven, and the Doctor is riffing about why his sonic screwdriver isn’t working to deactivate it.  In a great line, The Doctor says “that’s OK, I have an app for that!”, gives the sonic a twist, and zaps the rat!  The day is saved!

#2  Adam Savage of Mythbusters steps into a dance cage, and boogies down to the Dr. Who theme while Tesla coils zap him!

Just too cool!

Can a commercial cause JimmieJoe to tear up?

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Savage Response (via Queer Visalia)

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Dan Savage responds to a Christian woman taking him to task about comments regarding gay children committing suicide:

I’m sorry your feelings were hurt by my comments.

No, wait. I’m not. Gay kids are dying. So let’s try to keep things in perspective: fuck your feelings.

Savage Response From Slog: A Christian woman takes Dan Savage to task for his recent comments about Christians bullying gay teens, some who commit suicide. I was listening to the radio yesterday morning and I heard your interview with Beth McDonald. I have been thinking about it a lot since then and I feel compelled to share my thoughts with you. I was saddened and frustrated with your comments regarding people of faith and their perpetuation of bulling. As some … Read More

via Queer Visalia

Nine. That we know of.

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Billy Lucas (15) September 9, 2010. Indiana

Cody J. Barker (17) September 13, 2010. Wisconsin

Seth Walsh (13) September 19, 2010. California

Tyler Clementi (18) September 22, 2010. New Jersey

Asher Brown (13) September 23, 2010. Texas

Harrison Chase Brown (15) September, 25 2010. Colorado

Raymond Chase (19) September 29, 2010. Rhode Island

Felix Sacco (17) September 29, 2010. Massachusetts

Caleb Nolt (14) September 30, 2010. Indiana

List from, and more info at: New Civil Rights Movement.

It Gets Better.

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