It must be my lucky week!  I’ve had two Queerlandia blogs re-posted to a major national gay blogsite this week.

First, on Thursday, my post about a former Merced County Deputy Sheriff suing the department for sexual harassment was posted to their “Around the Nation – California” page.

In that article, I wrote of the harassment Ricardo Olguin endured at the Merced Sheriff’s Department.  It was posted to Queerlandia early May 3, and was reposted at LGBTQ Nation later that day.

On Saturday, May 5, I posted a blog as rebuttal to one that appeared earlier in the week at Queerlandia, in which the author calls Dan Savage a bully and a hypocrite.

Savage made remarks at a High School Journalism Conference that offended many conservatives, and they’ve been piling on over the whole blown-out-of-proportion incident ever since.

On Sunday, it was posted at LGBTQ Nation’s “Views & Voices” page, as well.

In January, after the tragic suicide of Visalia’s EricJames, my articles at Queerlandia and the now-shuttered QueerVisalia drew over 30,000 hits to our sites, and reprints in blogs around the world.  The power of the Internet is both exciting, and a bit daunting.  Your words can have effects on people you’d never otherwise be able to connect with, but you also open yourself to sudden, relentless judging and commentary as well.

If five years ago you had told me my self-indulgent blogging on MySpace, intended for a few friends and relatives, would grow into intentional editorials meant for a wider audience, and eventually end up being carried on nationally respected blogsites, and even on sites in other countries, I’d have said “you’re nuts.  Who would be interested in anything I have to say?  I’m just a funny looking middle aged dork, living in the middle of nowhere-California.  Nobody other than a few relatives or friends would ever find my commentary the least bit interesting.”

Well, it appears that maybe I do have something to say that others find interesting, after all!  Or maybe just entertaining.  Either way, I’m enjoying the momentary status bump.  I expect it won’t last, but that’s OK.  When you start writing to gain attention, then it just becomes an ego trip.  Writing to the editors, rather than the audience would probably be a quick way to end up with nobody reading your thoughts!

I’m having fun, and I hope others enjoy my commentary, either as serious discussion, or momentary humor.  Either way, it hasn’t gotten boring yet.

Two blogs on a national site in one week.  I should have bought a lottery ticket!

Now, what else can I write about??

P.S. We consider a national and international blog, and our readership is growing steadily.  It’s just gratifying when a major player in the gay blogosphere takes notice!  We’re working on becoming a major player, ourselves!  😉