A madman in a blue box

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The strangest thing happened earlier today.  He tells me we weren’t gone long at all.  It seems like it was, to me, though.  Did you miss me?

Geek of the Week moments

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#1  The Doctor and Craig are fighting the Cybermen silver rat in Craig’s kitchen.  Craig is holding the rat immobile with a cookie sheet from the oven, and the Doctor is riffing about why his sonic screwdriver isn’t working to deactivate it.  In a great line, The Doctor says “that’s OK, I have an app for that!”, gives the sonic a twist, and zaps the rat!  The day is saved!

#2  Adam Savage of Mythbusters steps into a dance cage, and boogies down to the Dr. Who theme while Tesla coils zap him!

Just too cool!

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