South Valley Skeptics to hold first meeting! (via Tulare County Atheists)

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South Valley Skeptics to hold first meeting! From our friends at South Valley Skeptics: BIG NEWS!!!!  The first (that I know of) Visalia-area SKEPTICS IN THE PUB will be held at Jack and Charlie’s, 204 East Oak Avenue, Visalia–Monday, Dec. 27, 7 p.m. Come by, have an adult beverage or even something without alcohol, some noms, and let’s get skeptical!  Let me know if you can make it ( and tell your skeptical friends! … Read More

via Tulare County Atheists

Skeptics Establish South Valley Presence

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SOUTH VALLEY SKEPTICS: devoted to furthering the cause of rational thinking--no matter how much it hurts.

South Valley Skeptics has established it’s website, in the cause of promoting critical thinking skills.  Visit them at, and check out the recently published articles.  Look for future activities and updates to this rational-thinking website!

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