My third ordination

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The actual certificate will be here in a week or two.  This makes the third ordination I’ve received.  The first was as a High Priest in The Temple of Earth, the second is a Minister in the Universal Life Church, and now as a Minister in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  It would appear my spiritualism knows no bounds!  If you need a non-traditional minister or High Priest for some ceremony, let me know.  I work cheap.  😉


Meet me at the Temple

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… I’ll meet you at the rear entrance. Tell no one.


The One True Path

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I’m an ordained High Priest.  (Really, I am. Honest.)

This is one of my Altars of the One True Path.

It dispenses the Elixir of Life.

It is not necessary to bow down before it, it’s only a machine, after all.

All hail the Altar of The One True Path!

Now all I need is an alter, and a sacrifice…

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Bless you, my son…

Yes, that’s really the way we bless things here…

… of course I’m sure.  I’m the High Priest!

I’m now an Ordained High Priest!

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Yes, it’s true! I was ordained today in the Temple of Earth, as a High Priest.

Jim's Ordination as High Priest
Feel free to contact me for any Priestly services you may require.

Reasonable rates.

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