A Train, Two Old Queers, and the Token Straight Boy

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At the Fresno AMTRAK Station Sunday evening, seeing off Mike (L) and Nathan (R).

Mike and Nathan live in the Bay Area, and came to Fresno to see relatives for the Thanksgiving holiday.  After a ‘business meeting’ to discuss various sundry website details and discuss future plans for Queerlandia.com and it’s associated Queer websites, I saw them off at Fresno’s downtown AMTRAK station.  Mike is our glorious leader (AKA  Mr. President), and Nathan is our secretary.  Between Mike keeping things on an even keel, and Nathan doing a lot of the grunt work, all I have to do as Vice President is sit around and look pretty.

Don’t I do that well?

(oh, I do add a blog or three, now and then. Go check them out, if you like.  You’ll find them at QueerLandia.com, QueerFresno.com, and QueerVisalia.com, to name a few)

Mike is the driving force behind the Queer sites,  starting off with QueerFresno.com about mumble mumble years ago.

I came on board a few years ago, after Mike, for reasons known only to him, invited me to blog with them.  I turned him down twice before deciding ‘what the hell’, and jumping in.  He hasn’t run me off, yet, so I must be doing something right.

Nathan is our cute, hot, funny, intelligent, young voice on the Queer sites.   He’s also our token straight boy.  Sorry guys.

We have a staff of other bloggers who add to the mix, and it’s working pretty well.  Go check it out, at Queerlandia.com.

Blogger Jim

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I’ve been spending some time today on blog duty, editing posts at QueerVisalia.com, QueerFresno.com, and QueerLandia.com.

If you’d like to join us at QueerVisalia or QueerFresno, just go to each site, register, and start blogging!  It’s an easy way to get your feet wet in the great big ocean of blogging, see if you like it, and let us know what YOU think of things!

You can also set up a personal blog on the WordPress.com site, that’s where I’m hosting this one, and let the world know what you think of anything your heart desires!  It’s a great hobby, and depending on your goals and interests, a great way to “win friends and influence others”.

Jump in!  The water’s fine!

QueerVisalia.com undergoing upgrades!

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QueerVisalia.com is currently undergoing an upgrade, and will be up and running in it’s new incarnation soon!  The new format allows users to register (free) and upload content themselves.  This will allow for a more reader-driven blogsite, and we look forward to local input!  Check it out!



The Most Important Video You’ll Ever Watch

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OK, I exaggerate.  It may be only the third or fourth most important video you’ll ever watch.  But it’s up there, I’m sure.  How could it not?  I mean, come on, it’s even got a special announcement at the end, that you really won’t want to miss.  And of course it stars yours truly, so it has to be Oscar-worthy, right?



Partners in Crime

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Fair warning:  This is a dangerous group.  You never know what might result from them getting together.  What one doesn’t think of, the others will.   A primary operating premise is “they said it can’t be done. Let’s go do it!!”

Yes.  Shameless promotion.  What can I say?  We’re Queer that way.

Check out the QueerNetworks…  network!

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