They don’t call them “gun nuts” for nothing, you know.

The Scottsdale, Arizona gun club is offering $5 pictures with Santa and his guns.  $10 for non-members.  After all, nothing says Christmas joy and Holiday cheer like a machine gun!  It makes you wonder WWJS (what would Jesus say)?

Are these people freaking nuts??  Anyone so enamored of guns that they would have a Christmas picture taken of them, Santa, and an armory of high-power assault weapons?  I know some of the men probably sport near-permanent hard ons when they think of their guns, but…  come on!  I think it must be similar to guys who run around in huge 4×4 trucks, lifted to the sky.  They’re clearly compensating for their own “shortcomings”, and big trucks and Christmas pictures with assault weapons simply broadcast that fact to the world.

In-fucking-credible. Think Rudolph and the gang would fly the old fat man around if they knew he had an AR-15 hidden in his bag?