This old angry hetero doesn’t care, why should the rest? (via Queer Landia)

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Clint tells it like it should be.

This old angry hetero doesn't care, why should the rest? As the saying goes, only the good die young. If that's true, being only just in my 20's I can rest assured that I won't kick the bucket until well into my 90's. So after I've lived a full life making immoral, and irresponsible decisions and I'm beating young whippersnappers off my lawn with my cane while grunting "back in my day…", if I can consider myself one-quarter of the badass that Clint Eastwood is, I'll be a happy grumpy old man. Clint E … Read More

via Queer Landia

Safety First: Don’t Sext and Drive – You’ll Make A Mess!

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Always good advice.  We got a bunch of calls about this sign after it appeared on Road 80, north of Visalia.  Construction is ongoing, the formerly two-lane road being upgraded to four lanes between Visalia and Dinuba.  Nobody’s quite sure who’s responsible for the message, but the sign itself belongs to a contractor working on the highway.  It was finally taken down.  Probably a good idea, no telling how distracting (or suggestive!) it might have been!

9/11 post script

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My previous post did something interesting.

After I posted it, but before going to the page, WordPress sent me this little message:

This is your 520th post. Hip! This post has 911 words.

911 words. On 9/11.  I doubt I could deliberately do that if I tried!


Spur-of-the-moment leads to fun weekend

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Friday morning (well, just after noon, but way morning for me), as I’m in that kinda-asleep-but-kinda-not condition that you get to experience if you don’t wake up to an alarm clock, I heard the text-message chime go off on my phone.  At first, I try to ignore it, after all, I’m still “asleep”, but my curiosity got the best of me, and I pick up the phone to see what was up.  Ted sent me a message, saying  “pack your bags ur going to bass lake for the weekend!!!!!!”.  Well…  you can’t argue with something like that, so I started packing.

Here are some pictures and details of the weekend.


Memorial Geek: Mars Rovers Contain WTC Metal

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NASA’s Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, carry pieces of metal recovered from Ground Zero.  Both rovers are equipped with identical parts.  This image, provided by NASA, is of the rover Spirit, and was taken by the panoramic camera on February 2, 2004.  The piece of metal with the US flag emblem is aluminum recovered from the World Trade Center, after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Image: NASA. Click on the image to go to the NASA site.

Somebody’s Confused!

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So a few minutes ago I’m checking out the stats page for my blog, when I see 2 hits from the search engine term ‘sexy ham radio’.  I really had to do a double take on that.

This image is closer to the reality of ham radio.  ‘Sexy’ is not a term I would generally attribute to it.

There are a few exceptions, of course.

For instance, THIS is a sexy ham radio operator…


That did NOT just happen!

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Oh, crap.  How did that happen?

Well, I suppose it beats the alternative!

Perhaps the focus should now become how high can I get that number?

It was Monday, BTW.

Thanks to all who wished me a Happy Day.

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