Terra, and Luna. From Orbit.

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Photo by Ron Garan, Space Shuttle astronaut.

Orion, Aurora Australis,ISS, and Home Sweet Home

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Taken on September 14, 2011, from the International Space Station.

Click to see the Bad Astronomy post, and the picture full size.

SuperMoon Today! Run for your lives!


It’s Super Moon! It’s tonight!

Tsunamis!  Earthquakes!  Werewolves!  Really bad news reports!

The world may come to an end!

Or not.

The full moon that makes it’s appearance tonight will seem about 14% bigger than when it’s at it’s furthest distance from the Earth.  The tides will be affected by maybe an inch in most places, and up to 6 inches in some geographically odd locales.  Beachfront residents might want to move the chaise lounges back a foot, just to be safe.

It didn’t cause the recent Japanese earthquake.  Any quakes that happen today won’t have been caused by it’s nearness.

There’s something you need to remember about the Moon, tonight’s super fullness, and the effect it has on the Earth.


You Are…

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I know where I am, how did you get lost?

It’s not that big of a planet, you know.

Not compared to Jupiter, anyway.

The Sky on Fire

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Planet Earth.

South Polar region.

The sky is on “fire”.

The aurora australis — the southern lights — snakes its way across the Earth’s magnetic field as seen from above!

In this picture taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station, charged particles from the sun interact with the Earth’s magnetic field, lighting up the sky.

Things like this is why I prefer science to superstition and mythology.  Those stories are entertaining, and inform much morality, but they pale before the real thing.  This isn’t because some “god” decided to light the sky on fire, this is simply the end result of natural processes.  Figuring out why it happens, how that might affect us, and that it might lead to other exciting discoveries and advances is what science is all about.  How unsatisfying to say merely “because God made it that way”.

Home Sweet Home

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Keep things in perspective!

Does Size Matter? Well, it depends….

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