I Tweeted to the Mormon Church today

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Can you believe that shit? The unmitigated gall it takes to put something like that out on the Internet is just mind boggling.  And they expect people to believe it!  It must be that whole “Bronze Age superstition with the 19th Century con man update” mindset at work.

Two things:

1. The arrogance of this post is amazing.  It shows what the church hierarchy really thinks about people.

2. These same people expect you to trust that they have superior knowledge of “God’s” will.


(this is one of those “the guilty will be hung out to dry!” posts)

P.S. I don’t ‘follow’ the Mormon Church Twitter feed, it was a “promoted” post that popped up when I logged on to Twitter.  I’ve seldom had such a strong and sudden response to any Tweet.

Proposition H8 Overturned

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The United States Court for the Northern District of California has ruled Proposition 8 unconstitutional, and has declared it invalid.  A stay was issued, so same-sex marriages will not begin again, while the opposition appeals.

Read the ruling here.

An alternate reality Fox?

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Don Imus has surprised me!  Someone on Fox that DOESN’T parrot the right wing line!  There may be hope for them yet!

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