A busy night in Fresno last Saturday.  I started my evening off at Sequoia Brewery, in the Tower, listening to the folk music of Rob Cox.  Some good stuff, you should listen if you get the chance.  His stuff is available at his web site, RobCoxMusic.com.  I only got to listen to 30 minutes worth, as the

QueerNetworks gang was meeting down the street at

Laughing Buddha for drinks and a pre-event briefing.  After filling the place up with Laughing Queers for an hour, we took off to the

Starline for

Evolution.  From 10pm till 2am, the magic of DJ Binx kept the crowd dancing. (Not me.  Jim doesn’t dance) A few sample videos are at YouTube.   Sorry for the quality, the IPhone doesn’t do low light levels well, and I was standing too close to one of the speakers for one of them.

All in all, a great Saturday night.  Plenty of eye candy, for every persuasion!

All other details are classified!