What Rifle Scope Would Jesus Use?

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In still another display of Christian arrogance, a company that manufactures rifle scopes for the US military has been putting references to Biblical passages on it’s products.  Labeled with Bible verses, the equipment is shipped off to the military, and is in use around the world.

Aside from the appropriateness of putting Bible verses on a device designed to kill people, this company has placed military personnel in jeopardy.  Muslim radicals are constantly trying to frame the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Christian war on Islam, and this nonsense plays right into their hands.  They can justifiably claim that Christians are trying to kill them, and that jihad is the only response.

The subject of a report on ABCNews Nightline, the manufacturer of the equipment, Trijicon, claimed the Military Religious Freedom Foundation who is spearheading the campaign to remove the citations,  was “not a Christian organization”.   Apparently you can’t tell a “Christian” corporation  they are wrong, unless they think you are also a Christian organization.

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Stormy Day

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Visalia 1/18/10


I’m now an Ordained High Priest!

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Yes, it’s true! I was ordained today in the Temple of Earth, as a High Priest.

Jim's Ordination as High Priest
Feel free to contact me for any Priestly services you may require.

Reasonable rates.

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Fluffy Fun

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Went to Bakersfield last night, to see Gabriel Iglesias at the Fox Theater.  Funny guy, great show.  If you’re not familiar with him, check out his website, here.


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H/T to Slowpokecomics.com

New Glasses

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After too many years, I finally got some new glasses.  The old pair were… well, old… scratched, and soldered back together after breaking in half more than a year ago.  The county’s new insurance package included a plan accepted at LensCrafters, so I went there today and, true to their advertising, had my glasses in “about an hour”.  The exam and tests went well,  my eyes are in good shape for my age.  That’s always nice to hear.  Now all I have to do is adapt to the new lenses.  That usually takes a couple of days.

The prices for frames is just ridiculous. Especially for name brands.  I bought “generic”, and still paid close to $200 out of pocket, even after insurance.  I think it’s a racket.  But as the old song goes, “I can see clearly now…”

New Year's 2010

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Too bad the IPhone can’t handle low light levels.  About 1am at the North Tower Circle in Fresno.

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