My very first Oyster. San Francisco, December, 2012

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Wednesday night, December 19, 2012.  Dinner at Pier 23, San Francisco, after a day of dispatcher training class in Pittsburg. My very first experience with oysters on the half shell.  As I said in the video, it’s highly overrated!  Must be one of those “do it because everyone else does” things.  Or maybe it just takes more of them to break through my already impressive stoic-ness.  😉  Oh, and if they’re supposed to be an aphrodisiac, it apparently takes more than just one.  (thank goodness, since I just went back to the hotel room… alone)


Official Training, and corruptive training

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Will photobombing Jim’s self portrait

So this week I was in the Bay area, specifically Pittsburg, California, for Dispatcher Training, as required by POST, to keep my certification current.  Since Pittsburg is only a 45 minute BART ride from San Francisco, you can be sure we snuck off to see the sights, and tempt fate.

I did two things on this little excursion that I’ve never done before, and since this isn’t Las Vegas, this is (some of) the story!  No names were changed to protect anyone…  as my “about” says, the guilty are hung out to dry!


Driving in San Francisco

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Have you ever driven the streets of San Francisco?  Have you ever wished you could clear them of traffic and pedestrians, and just hammer-down and fly?

Well, Ken Block did just that.

(insert usual warnings about professional driver on a closed course…  don’t you dare try anything like this yourself!) (unless you get all the clearances, insurance, backers, etc first!)

And he’s doing it in a Focus!

Ok, a car that might have started life off as a Focus, but I wonder how much of the original is left?  Or is it really just a hot-rod with the fiberglass body of a Focus?  Whatever, it looks like fun.


My San Francisco Weekend – ALC10

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Ted and I take a break at Peet’s Coffee & Tea shop on Market, near the Castro.

(it might even be considered in Castro, the neighborhoods here are fairly small, and it’s only about two or three blocks from Castro Street.)


National Cemetery, Presidio, San Francisco

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Lady Gaga says (sorta) “Don’t Get Caught In A Bad Hotel”

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In what may be the cleverest picket action ever (of course it’s in San Francisco), the Westin St. Francis (a VERY nice hotel that I had a chance to stay in some years ago) is hit with a Lady Gaga inspired protest.

Employees are fighting for health care benefits, and apparently the hotel negotiators have dug in their heels.  Stay tuned.

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