Do you know what I did last summer?

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I bought a new car!

Well, almost new. A 2019 Ford Fusion, with 2,600 miles. A “lease return”, whatever that means.

I’m really loving this car. It has a bunch of bells and whistles that I’m still figuring out how to use, but I’m getting there.

Took it on a road trip earlier this month, put 4,100 miles on the car, and couldn’t be happier. It averaged 35 mpg, with sections of the trip hitting 40 mpg. It’s very comfortable to drive, and I’m ready to go on another trip. I just have to decide where. Fires and smoke have limited the choices here in California, but I’ll figure something out. Maybe Oregon and Washington before the rainy season starts. Oh, wait… is there a rainy “season” there? Or do they just call that “a year”?

If you see me on the road, give me a wave. If you’re a HAM radio operator, call me on 146.520 MHz. I might even be listening on CB, on channel 17 or 19 or whatever the highway (trucker) channel is in that area.

Happy motoring!

Somebody’s Confused!

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So a few minutes ago I’m checking out the stats page for my blog, when I see 2 hits from the search engine term ‘sexy ham radio’.  I really had to do a double take on that.

This image is closer to the reality of ham radio.  ‘Sexy’ is not a term I would generally attribute to it.

There are a few exceptions, of course.

For instance, THIS is a sexy ham radio operator…


The Doctor Is IN


I’m such a geek!  And proud of it.

Well, OK. A minor geek, but still a geek nonetheless.

This computer died on me sometime last week.  I’m not really sure when, since I didn’t notice till Friday night.  Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal to me to have a computer die (I’ve killed quite a few), but this computer is different than most.  It houses not only the Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) that you see,  it’s also a web server for my radio related pages, as well as my personal website.  When it died, those sites went dark.


We can’t have the very important KC6YRU.NET down and unavailable to it’s myriad fans on the interwebs!  That just wouldn’t do at all.    The APRS web server that I run, along with it’s feed to and from the APRS internet servers was also down, leaving me cut off from the rest of the APRS world.  Or would have left me feeling cut off, had I noticed it earlier!  But anyway, I rolled up my sleeves, tossed the patient onto the floor, and proceeded to perform emergency surgery.  Due to an insightful before-surgery diagnosis, and after a careful transplant operation,  the patient survived.  Since the surgery was performed with such skill and ability, there was only a short recovery time, while the computer checked to make sure all it’s blocks and sectors had made it through the operation.  Satisfied that all was well (what did it expect??) it booted right up, and is now happily shoveling electrons around hither and yon, making the interweb thingy that much more a better place to be.

The Doctor is IN.

P.S.  There are a couple of parts left over.  I wonder if that matters?

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