Space Station Science Officer joins Trek designer for Leonard Nimoy/Spock tribute

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spock_tribute_ISSGreat tribute image by NASA, ISS science officer Samantha Cristoforetti, and Star Trek designer Michael Okuda. I’ll let slide the Next Generation communicator pin and it’s too-high placement on the tunic, and just enjoy the Enterprise NCC-1701 no bloody A, B, C, OR D! floating outside the window.  I would say the shirt is the wrong shade of blue, but with the recent flap about the color of clothing flying around the Internet these days, I’ll just let it pass.

“… his was the most human”

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Star Trek Trippin’

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Ok, fellow Star Trek fans, here’s a mission for you.  Can you spot the technical error in this screen capture from the ST: TOS episode “City on the edge of forever”?  If you’ll recall, the story involves Kirk, Spock, and McCoy travelling to 1930 New York City by way of the Guardian of Forever.  First aired April 6, 1967, our intrepid heroes must right McCoy’s interference in history in order to restore the timeline, and save the world from being conquered by the Nazis.

Well, I’m sure the sharp eyed among you have noticed the More

LLAP – Nimoy has done both

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Now it’s Leonard Nimoy’s turn.  “Spock” is 81 today.

Spock was a major influence on my teenage years.  The rational, intelligent outsider, whose presence was always required to save the day, helped me get through times when I thought I might not.  His quest for knowledge, his acceptance of what was,  his ability to suppress emotions so they would not overwhelm, served as a role model for me.  Perhaps not the best role model for a real human being, but one that helped me immensely.

And a couple of episodes where he got his shirt off didn’t hurt, either!  (Shatner’s constant “shirt on-shirt off” didn’t have the same effect, for some reason)

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy.

Live long, and prosper.


Fascinating… Leonard Nimoy Turns 80

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Actor Leonard Nimoy, best known as Star Trek’s Spock, is 80 today. The actor, singer, and artist is the second of Star Trek’s original cast to reach the 80 year mark.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy!
Earlier this week, William Shatner, aka Captain James T. Kirk, also turned 80.
De Forest Kelly, Dr. Leonard McCoy, and James Doohan, Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, and Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, are deceased. Surviving cast members of the original series include Nichelle Nichols, Lt. Uhura, George Takei, helmsman Sulu, and Walter Koenig, navigator Chekov.

Star Trek Geek – Spock in public

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Leonard Nimoy Tweeted this today: The only time I ever appeared in public as Spock. Medford,Oregon Pear Blossom Festival. 1967 ? LLAP

Find him on Twitter  @TheRealNimoy

“Mr. Scott, I believe the transporter is out of adjustment”

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Spock And McCoy in 1960’s United States Mission


Photo credit Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy often posts pictures from his past via his Twitter account.  Here, he and DeForest Kelly are in makeup for their roles as Spock and Dr. McCoy in the 1960’s series Star Trek.  You can follow Nimoy’s tweets here.

To Boldy Spoof Where Everyone Has Gone Before…

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Tip of the warp nacelles to Simon Pegg

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