Star Trek Trippin’

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Ok, fellow Star Trek fans, here’s a mission for you.  Can you spot the technical error in this screen capture from the ST: TOS episode “City on the edge of forever”?  If you’ll recall, the story involves Kirk, Spock, and McCoy travelling to 1930 New York City by way of the Guardian of Forever.  First aired April 6, 1967, our intrepid heroes must right McCoy’s interference in history in order to restore the timeline, and save the world from being conquered by the Nazis.

Well, I’m sure the sharp eyed among you have noticed the More

Spock And McCoy in 1960’s United States Mission


Photo credit Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy often posts pictures from his past via his Twitter account.  Here, he and DeForest Kelly are in makeup for their roles as Spock and Dr. McCoy in the 1960’s series Star Trek.  You can follow Nimoy’s tweets here.

To Boldy Spoof Where Everyone Has Gone Before…

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Tip of the warp nacelles to Simon Pegg

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