QN supports GLBT History Month (via Queer Networks)

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QN supports GLBT History Month In honor of GLBT History Month, sponsored in part by Equality Forum, we have placed a link to glbthistorymonth.com on each of our metropolitan area blogs.  We currently host and manage 12 local blogs in 5 different states and we're excited to lend a hand to such a great project! We hope to continue and leverage even more of our resources for GLBT History Month … Read More

via Queer Networks

Survey says…

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Think of a random person, and give them a message here, no names:
You’re supposed to be the IT person, so fix the damned computers!

Can you take a bra off with one hand?
LOL…  never tried. Is it difficult?

Last furry thing you touched:
A german shepard. A big one. Thank goodness she’s friendly.

Spell your name without vowels:
Jmm Rvs

Do you wanna get married anytime soon?
No, I’m too young to get married.

Have you ever kissed someone in a band?
He used to be in a band, does that count?

When you looked in the mirror today, what was your first thought?
Who is that old man, and where is he hiding me?

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