Technically not anything “vacation-y”, since I go up to Fresno almost every Sunday and hang out with the guys at The Express for the “Sunday Funday” BBQ/beer bash.  Afterwards, Ted and I hang out at Teazer Tea shop in the Tower for a couple of hours, chatting and catching up.  Sometimes various characters in the Fresno scene join us, and we see if we can’t solve the worlds problems over hot tea.  (Or at the very least carry on about the drama that seems to infiltrate the community at any opportunity.)  Maybe living 45 miles away from all that is a good idea, after all!  😉

We did have a friend of Ted’s join us last night, and it was nice to meet him.  He seems like a nice guy, and it was enjoyable to sit and chat with him and Ted.

I’m already well into Day 2, and haven’t even gotten out of bed yet!  The only thing that’s happened so far today, is the power supply to my Macbook appears to have died, forcing me to retreat to my Compaq laptop to maintain my much-important connection to the Interweb machine thingy.

Can’t be without that!