gayboi I’ve never understood the attraction for an older man that some young gay men have.  That may be because I’ve never felt attracted to men older than myself, but there are many young gay men that do go after men twice their age, or even older.  They’re looking for “daddies”, and they can be quite determined about it.  (“Daddie” here refers to an age bracket and/or an age difference between the men, not any kind of incestuous relationship)  From time to time, I’ll receive messages through various media from younger men who want to chat.  Usually they are short conversations, as many of these gay bois are looking for a “sugar daddy”, and I neither desire nor can I afford to be anyone’s ATM card.  (maybe if I had won that $600 million Powerball draw last night….

but, alas, I did not, so that’s just a passing whimsy) Other bois are looking to role-play, and that’s not something I’m into, either.  Most of these conversations end with a friendly “thanks anyway, goodnight”, or something similar, once they realize there’s no “there” there.  Tonight’s conversation started out well, but unfortunately degenerated into mild begging, then ended with my being called an asshole.

A 23 year old man, visiting this area, texted me on one of the apps that have been sprouting up like electronic weeds in our social contact gardens.  The conversation started off nicely, we exchanged pleasantries a bit, but then the conversation veered into unfortunate territory.

This particular boi wanted to “sext” with me, an activity in which I have no interest whatsoever.  At first he was disappointed… “aww”.  Then he begged… “just this once?”  When I continued to decline his requests, he texted “Okay. Asshole.”


Fortunately, this particular app, like most of them, has a “block” feature, and he is now unable to contact me further (assuming he was interested in doing so. Some of them come back later to try again).  So many nice people, of all ages, on these apps, but there are just as many self-absorbed little twits (also of all ages), as well.

“Sweet” little gay boi (who at 23 should be a bit more grown up), what ever shall we do with you?