This morning’s wake up call


So this ‘morning’ (I work nights, so it was about 1:30pm) my ‘wake up call’ was my drunk cousin crashing through my bedroom door. I was in that not-quite-awake, not-quite-asleep mode that lets you be aware of things, but you don’t feel any need to do anything about them. I heard him staggering down the hall, and was doing my best to ignore him, when all of a sudden he comes crashing through my closed and locked door. Fortunately, the hollow-core door flexed enough to allow it to spring open without ripping the jamb or lock out of it’s frame.
He just laid there, refusing to get up, and cussed me, like it was my fault he fell through my door. I finally had to grab him by the feet and physically drag him from my room into his, with him trying to grab on to the doorframe to stop. In the process, I may have injured myself, although at the time it didn’t seem all that strenuous, because my right lower leg is now hurting when I walk. Hopefully it’s just a sprain.
Next week I file the court papers to force eviction. He won’t leave voluntarily, so I’m left with no other option.


The Elixir of Life

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Why would anyone drink anything else?

Keep your Red Bulls, your Monsters, and your over-priced fancy coffees!  This is the beverage the Universe came into existence to create.

The true Elixir of Life.

(Coke will do in a pinch, if there’s no Pepsi, but it’s a pale imitation of the true Elixir!)

This in response to a post on QueerFresno 9.0 about Nathan’s Starbux addiction!

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